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(Susan Bonnar) #1

4 is the number of visitors I get to my shop unless I promote it daily.

Surely that is very low - on the dark side I average 80 with having a day off promoting!

No wonder my sales have died!

Arghhhh! I used to sell so well on here!

Is is just me?

(Susan Bonnar) #2

PS After posting this I thought I would delete it as it was a curiosity question and I didn’t want it to be seen as negative. Does anyone know how to delete a post?

(Christine Shephard) #3

You can delete the posts using the little dustbin icon at the bottom right of the post (they’re greyed out until you hover on them) but I’m not sure how you delete a thread.

Edited - Well, I’ve had a look at one of my old threads, and still can’t see a way to delete the opening post on it, so maybe you have to request it.

I wouldn’t worry Susan, nobody who knows you on here (or on British Crafters) will think you’re being negative, but it does seem a low number of views for such an established shop. I suppose it just proves how important promotion is on here, as there isn’t very much passing trade. It’s a quiet time of year though, sunny days are always quiet on here, I find, and Etsy gets global views, so tends to be busier at all times. As long as you’re selling somewhere…and it will pick up on here after the summer, I’m sure. Nil desperandum, as my mum always used to say :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #4

Christmas is just around the corner!lol Things will pick up then :smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #5

@ciesse Thanks - the dustbin doesn’t seem to be able to delete the thread - hey ho!

I think I suffer from not being picked up on google which I used to be before the changes/ beta in address and also I never appear in any of the collections/gift guides etc so am invisible really!

(Susan Bonnar) #6

@Louisa15 That maybe for jewellers etc but this is my busy time - as most of my shop is Wedding/Hen Night/Prom related so Christmas is quiet for me always. Just need to focus away from Folksy I think, sadly as this is my favourite place to “sell”!

( Carol ) #7

Last Sunday I only had 10 views and that’s with using the daily listing thread all last month and all this month so far. But then I’ve also had a day with 88 views this month whilst doing exactly the same promotion as the day with 10 views! I too love Folksy best from all the other selling platforms I use. I do get despondent at times but as long as it’s still worth paying for the plus account I will stay :smile:

Carol x

(Heidi Meier) #8

88 views is very good! I’ve tried doing a comparison to sales sale and views but can’t make any connection yet. Sales don’t seem to relate to volumes of views!

(Minerva) #9

Have you read Weeknotes #287?

With the ‘beta’ gone now maybe views will improve?

(Valerie Farrell) #10

June has been terrible for me too as was April and May. Just an odd sale on Etsy
My views are really low and I think the only views I get are from daily listers.
It 's hard not to despair
Valerie x

(Deborah Jones) #11

My views are very low both here and on the dark side,but I generally still get more sales here , although on there I seem to sell higher value items .
May and June have always been slower months on-line for me. I am hoping Folksy will pick up again now we are out of beta.

(Sharonj19) #12

I generally get about a dire 3 - 7 views a day here unless I have promoted or am lucky enough to get on the front page. On the other side it is about 60-70 on average, but yesterday was only 17! I know from last year that the summer is very quiet so I’m not panicking - just concentrating on making new things and working on new ideas which I’m enjoying.

(Leathermeister) #13

Viewing rates are low here In the last week I’ve had 2 days with no views at all. Looking at the threads it seems its quite everywhere, but still its concerning. Like you say though Christmas is just around the corner, so I had better start preparing.

(Sarah Lambert) #14

My views and sales have been very low for the past couple of months, I’m useless at promotion but I usually jog along quite nicely. Luckily I’ve got a commission or two to keep me busy .

I do wonder if it’s as easy to be found on here as it used to be though, when I signed in on my old laptop using firefox as a browser it said ‘shop not found’ even though my name was at the top of the page and I was signed in.