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Shopping and Folksy Home Page

I’ve been doing some of my Christmas shopping on Folksy today and find that when I add something to my basket and press continue shopping, instead of taking me back to the shop I was looking in, it takes me back to Folksy home page and then I have to start typing in shop name again. Is this something that could be improved? as I’ve never encountered this before on other shopping sites.

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I noticed that when shopping last night, but you can go back to the shop you added the item from (worked it out at the second attempt!)

When you have added something to the basket and you get the page showing what you have added, you can click on the shop name and it takes you back.

Thank you Alison, never thought of that.

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I mentioned this on a thread last week and it is very annoying - good workaround from @FluffStuffCrafts but how many people get annoyed (so at best although completing their order might thing twice about coming back) or in worse case scenario might not bother as it would be ‘too hard to use’.

@Folksyadmin - is this something that could be improved. I’m off out now but if I get a chance I will add it to the new features request list later on (if someone else doesn’t beat me to it first!!)

I thought the same @Textiletreasure if I was finding shopping a nuisance as a seller on Folksy and know the shops I want to order from. It must be a headache for someone just coming on here to buy, it needs to be more customer friendly.