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Share your Folksy High Fives 2021

Every Wednesday on Instagram and Facebook, we’re celebrating your wins and sharing good vibes :sparkles: :clap:

So please use this space to tell us your good news - what have you achieved lately in your creative endeavours that you’re proud of? All wins count - big or small! It could be listing your first ever item on Folksy, reaching 100 sales, doing your first craft fair after lockdown, finding a new stockist, getting a big order or an unusual commission, being featured in the press or a new exhibition, learning a new embroidery stitch, making an Instagram reel, getting your head around TikTok! Whatever it is that’s got you doing a happy dance, we want to know!

We’ll then choose a selection to share on Instagram and Facebook on Wednesday mornings using a new #folksyhighfives hashtag (which you can use to post on your own channels too).

Let’s hear your positive news!


After years of sharing stories about the Mulberry Green character dolls that I make and sell on Folksy, with many people on Facebook and Instagram telling me I should publish them, I’ve finally done it and had my stories printed! There are 3 books available in my Folksy shop - each with 31 full colour stories about the adventures of the Mulberry Green characters and a map of Mulberry Green. I’m so pleased with them that I thought I would share my exciting news.


Delighted that two of Heather’s prints are featured in the ‘Women On Nature’ Anthology launched this week. The book contains over 100 women writers, both past and current, who celebrate in words their connection with the outside World.

The limited edition linocut prints - ‘Midsummer Hare’ and ‘Midsummer Fox’ are now available in our Folksy shop.


I’ve just had my 50th sale!!!
It’s taken a while but so pleased I’ve finally got to this milestone.


Congratulations. They are fabulous books. Off over to your shop whilst relaxing with a cup of coffee.

CONGRATULATIONS. Delighted for you.

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Thank you x

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Lovely Martine, congratulations, I’ll pop over to take a peek. :slight_smile:

Just had a little tour of your lovely shop Martine, hope you’re still creating this wonderful Mulberry green world when I hopefully have grandchildren, just delightful. :revolving_hearts:

Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi folks, this thread is so lovely for sharing our stories! I am Karen, I help Jamie my son who runs Th3 W3ird Crafters, he is an amazing son who has stuggled with different things in his life. He will celebrate his 21st birthday tomorrow, so thats really exciting. He works hard every single day and the hard work is paying off, he recently had some work stocked in a gift shop near Loch Ness! Super excited for him! Never give up and follow your dreams!! xx


Oh bless you - thank you x

This week will see the first anniversary of my folksy shop @somuchsoap and stained glass. Encouraged by Lois of @Beesandblossoms and my two sons I eventually took the plunge last year…83 sales later I’m pretty chuffed and very, very glad I did.


Told you Folksy would be perfect!

You weren’t wrong. :grin:

It’s been a good five days on the Cornish Spoons Folksy store with two sales (which is a lot for me). The Hand Carved Walnut 'Heart' Scoop - Folksy, went to a local buyer and my Hand Carved Sycamore 'Heart' Spoon - Folksy went off to a new home in London. Am now planning a new range of spoons to include fossils, the first of which has just gone onto my store.


I have put together my first Instagram Reel! :grinning: with lots and lots of help from my 13 year old daughter (big learning curve)! Hopefully we can do lots more together. Not sure if you’ll be able to watch the video with music here so this is my instagram link.


I posted this picture of a bracelet I made on to Instagram this morning with a link to the Folksy store in my bio. It sold 15minutes later to a repeat customer! That certainly shows it is worth posting and linking to your store.image|400x400


Well done! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Well done ! it’s a great achievement isn’t it ?! I did my reel a month or so ago with lots of help from my 26 year old son !!! I was so proud of it lol :joy: