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Show your 'Work In Progress' - WIP

(MadeintheTemple) #906

Sewing a Clasp on a purse.

(Jan Ryan) #907

More messy paint play… ahem I mean work :slight_smile:

(Carrie ) #908

Well I burnt and painted the birdy bangle but I haven’t really used white paint with my pyrography before and I’m not sure what effect the next stage (hard wax oil coating) will have on the white. The oil doesn’t darken over time but it does have it’s own light golden colour and it’ll be a shame if it turns my apple-blossom yellow! Although it might also give it a nice aged look. Gotta suck it and see I guess :slight_smile:

(Carrie ) #909

I do like seeing things being made like this - especially when it’s a skill I don’t have myself!

(MadeintheTemple) #910

I love what you are doing and I too love seeing what wonderful skills the members of Folksy possess.

(Roz) #911

My plus account has run out and while I save up the pennies to renew it I have been getting to work on a few projects so they are ready to go into my shop. Today I have been needle felting some designs for some new bags. Now to go and cut out the lining ready for assembly :slight_smile:

(Isla Harris) #912

Don’t have the best picture right now, but I’ve been working on this lovely necklace :blush: It’s my first time wrapping a cabochon like this!

(Carrie ) #913

So soft and pretty!

(HeidiMeier) #914

Here’s the beginnings of a new design from me - just embroidered the greenery and water today, plus the outline of the tree. Going to work on the bird tomorrow and hopefully either some silk applique blossom or I might try some silk ribbon embroidery for the close up blossoms in the bottom left corner (and maybe the bottom right corner.

More to follow!

(Carrie ) #915

We’ve been cutting back overhanging branches recently so I thought I’d experiment and make a couple of walking sticks - one from willow, the other is ash… One will hopefully have a horse’s head carved (still a way to go!), not sure about the other but I’ll add pyrography decoration once I’ve finished carving. I’m enjoying a bit of a change of direction!

(Grimm Exhibition) #916

Soldering my keepsake dolls to 80’s classics. #yourthevoice #footloose #walklikeanegyptian

(Kim Blythe) #917

I’m quilting oven gloves today…

(So Sew Megan) #918

Been trying to improve my colour sense by working in a colour I don’t normally use.

(Roz) #919

Been making some legs and feet for my needle felted birds today - got a bit carried away and now got to make some more birds!

(Helen Healey) #920

I’ve been busily cutting out appliqué pieces.

(Sarah Bell) #921

My cat helper and a WIP cat box:

(Karen Ellam) #922

Mother’s Day brooch prep

(Carrie ) #923

Tried making buttons but I think they’re a little bit too chunky. It’s tricky getting the slices thin enough but strong enough for regular use. I’ll have a go at sanding the edges on my next effort to get a finer shape.

(Kim Blythe) #924

I’ve been at the embroidery machine today…just need to turn it in to a bag now!

(Daniel Heffer) #925

I am working on my next collection, textured, softer, pastel colours, marble like.