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(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #926

I posted this elsewhere & someone suggested I share it here…so here tis…:slightly_smiling_face:
Not paid enough attention to this thread…Love looking at everyone’s processes! too distracting tho, more block cutting to do!!! :thinking:

(Grimm Exhibition) #927

Ive been drawing and inking

(Amberlilly) #928


(Brenda Cumming) #929

nearly finished this cardigan…all my own design…I used to make loads of them in Lady’s sizes so decided to make a baby one…still got the front bands to do and all the ends to sew in…sigh…

(Grimm Exhibition) #930

Im making a little something for me. Ive been sewing in bias binding today and havnt sworn at all!!

(ana92pl) #931

Making steampunk industrial heart necklaces :slight_smile:

(Carrie ) #932

Love this thread!

(Grimm Exhibition) #933

My dress is 99% finished!! I just need to neaten the ends of the belt and make the inside waist a tad neater. Apologies for the awful photos. It look sbetter on the mannequin than it does on me, I tried not to get my mug in the photo. Please ignore the hairy legs. Material from Fabricland.

(Carrie ) #934

That’s a really nice dress - you creative thing you! Is it a wrapover dress?

(Karen Ellam) #935

Lovely dress Clare @GrimmExhibition

(Lynn Britton) #936

Love the dress Clare, you are clever.

(Grimm Exhibition) #937

@Llosgi @karenscraftybitz @erkinwald Thank you my poppets, yep its a wrapover dress. Il try to take better pics at some point.

(Kim Blythe) #938

I have been drawing out a new bag design today…now to see if it goes together ok!

(Grimm Exhibition) #939

Im working on some swan drawings for cards.


(Carrie ) #940

I’m ‘burning’ a door which isn’t to sell but to put in a tiny cottage here that I’m renovating to make a holiday let/airbnb. I’m going for a sort of Turkish/islamic decor with warm earthy colours and areas of decoration, this door being one of them. The door will take me ages so posting a photo here will hopefully make me get on with it!

(Lynn Britton) #941

Wow Carrie that is stunning. :grinning:x

(Carrie ) #942

thanks Lynn, i hope it turns out ok!

(Jan Ryan) #943

I’m working on a couple of commission plaques at the moment…

so what are you up to :slight_smile:

(Pauline Hayward) #944

(Julia K Walton) #945

A ‘prodded’ abstract landscape piece that needs to be framed…