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Showing as payment not received

(Rachel) #1

Camilla @folksycontent I have an order for which payment is showing as outstanding, but I also have an order placed with another shop who have contacted me to say they havent got my payment. I have paid and its showing as paid on my account. Is there a glitch somewhere please?
Thank you Rachel

When I log onto my paypal it states that the payment hasnt been claimed.


(Sarah Lambert) #2

Hi Rachel
Is it a new shop? Could it be they haven’t setup their paypal or set it up incorrectly?

(Roz) #3

Rachel @GreenwoodMakes, I used to have this problem with my old shop - none of my orders were ever shown as paid for even though I had received payment. I always had to mark them as paid manually - never did get to the bottom of it despite much communication and effort on Folksys part. Thankfully since changing the name of my shop and my paypal address it all seems to be OK now.

(Rachel) #4

Sarah @plainprimitives yes its a new shop and I have asked them to check their details. Thank you Roz @OrchardFelts :smile:

(Rachel) #5

Problem solved now, Sarah you were right with the paypal details. @folksycontent Camilla - issue now resolved. Rachel

(Sarah Lambert) #6

Glad you got it sorted :blush: