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So-called 'overdue' Folksy bill

At the beginning of the month, I received my first Folksy bill (timed and dated 2.04am, 1st October) since returning to sell here after a long absence. It informed me I had 14 days in which to pay. I therefore flagged it in my inbox, with a reminder to pay by the 15th October (tomorrow).

As the 14 days is not yet up, I was amazed to receive an email from Folksy in the early hours of this morning, telling me the payment was OVERDUE. Unless my maths is seriously flawed, it is not ‘overdue’. I technically have till 2.04am tomorrow morning to pay this bill, so the last thing I expected to receive was an email which is not only factually incorrect, but is extremely unpleasant in tone.

@Folksyadmin, if you want your customers to pay your bills promptly, it would be good idea to take a serious look at the flawed timing of this ‘rubbish’ email (your word, not mine!), and send a pleasant REMINDER email on the 14th (final) day instead. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who has been upset by it, and will therefore now not pay within those 14 days as planned, and will instead wait until the very last moment. ie. the 31st October!

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Sorry but I’m not sure why this has upset you so much. Neither the bill nor the reminder were sent to you by a person but by a pre-scheduled computer program which really couldn’t be expected to realise you were going to make your payment at the very last second.
For my part, as my customers are expected to pay immediately, I also pay immediately which is quicker and easier as it saves me having to remember later. xx


I like to pay my Folksy bill as soon as possible, as I do with all my bills, just in case I forget to pay them, my memory not being as reliable as it was a few years ago.

One wonders why you have returned if you are still finding as much to dislike as you ever did?


I pay my bill immediately too, so much simpler.

I don’t have a problem with the bills, I try and pay them straight away, I don’t like the way they come through in the night, I have my phone as a clock and alarm by my bed, and if I have forgotten to turn the sound down it can disturb me! Surely it could wait until a reasonable British hour?

I like the fact that folksy gives you a few days to pay their bill.
But I do pay it as soon as I have the money.
I don’t really like leaving unpaid bills. My brain has more wholes than a sive and would hate to forget.

I confess; now I’m really curious about what terrible things they threaten us with if we don’t pay our bills on time! But I don’t want to not pay my bill on time to find out :smile: Oh well.


now i’m having lol-visions of the folksy team sending a gang of craft thugs round, wielding artisan weapons… :wink:


I suspect, as someone else has already said, that it’s an automated system much like electricity bills etc. Maybe if you contacted Folksy admin they could check the settings via their IT dept. Maybe it’s lost some time somewhere…

I’m like the others - I pay it as soon as it’s due as that works for me and I’ve got a dreadful memory.

Lots of small businesses go into administration because they are owed lots of money by their customers, I like payment straight away for items I have sold, so I pay my Folksy bill straight away.


Yep, I too always pay straight away. I hate it when people owe me money and I have to chase it up. Why make things more complicated than they need to be.

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Yes I too pay the bill as soon as it comes, up to now it’s been less than a coffee in a smart shop so no problem.

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I’m imagining if you don’t pay after the reminder then they go down the same route as Etsy and just block your shop from being accessed by potential customers and stops you adding more items. Can’t really think of what else they’d do. But still- not worth the hassle of finding out. Haha

I forgot to pay one month, that’s exactly what happens. Your shop is just frozen out until you pay all outstanding fees

first thing I do in the morning on the first day of the month…go through and pay my bill…

Aah there we go then! Haha

Actually, the invoice is due when rendered. Folksy kindly gives us terms. I assume that they were letting you know that if you don’t pay by the 15th you will be officially in arrears. This is definitely a case of don’t shoot the messenger. This is your debt to pay.