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Statistics: not showing the complete picture

(Jackie Barton) #1

So I’ve been wondering… Every day I check my views etc on my Statistics page. I notice that at the top of the page I have a nice high (for me) number of views in 24 hours (today 74). But when scrolling down to check that out and see what has been seen I can only count 13 views in the ‘visitors and where they come from’ box, and there are only 20 pictures of items that have been viewed, and they don’t add up to 74.

Is there a way of seeing all the items viewed? I use Google Analytics but it never really corresponds to what I see on Folksy.

I once read, here on the forums, that there was a page which showed info in a graph form, but I can’t find it now (lost the address).

I would really like to see ALL my viewed items on a per day basis so that I may know which way the wind is blowing in relation to my items. I can then decide where to focus my energies for that day and what is constantly not doing well.

I’d be grateful for feedback, thanks

(Sasha Garrett) #2

The views at the top includes when people have viewed your shop front or collection pages which wouldn’t show up in the views at the bottom which are views for specific items. If someone has landed on your shop front, clicked onto a specific item, back to the shop front, then on to a different item that would give you 4 views in the count at the top of the stats page but only 2 at the bottom for specific items (hope that’s making sense)
Hopefully someone else will be a long with the link to the old stats with the graphs but if memory serves that gave you the top 10 (or 20) viewed items for the previous week with no way of changing the time frame so that might not give you the answer either.

(Sue) #3

Is this the page you were looking for? I don’t know if this will take you to mine in graph form or yours!

(Sasha Garrett) #4

I’m remembering why I don’t spend too much time looking into stats - old folksy stats has an item having 3 views, new folksy stats has 8 views and google analytics has 2 views, all nominally for the same time frame!
(google analytics will show you all of the pages that have had views with in your specified time frame - on the analytics dashboard scroll down to the bottom and there is a ‘what pages do your users visit’ section and if you click on ‘pages report’ it takes you to the complete breakdown which shows 10 lines as standard but there is a drop down at the bottom which allows you to increase the number of lines shown)

(Jackie Barton) #5

That’s the fella, Sue. Thanks so much for getting back so quickly.


(Jackie Barton) #6

That’s what I thought, Sasha, but wasn’t sure. I won’t get too excited with the top views amount any more (I spent time checking through my listings yesterday so most of those views were probably me). Thanks for your answer.

(Camilla) #7

This blog post has more about the Stats page, how it works andwhat the figures mean, as well as some tips on how to get the most from your statistics, Jackie -