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Stats Counter broken?

Anyone else notice that the stats counter didn’t renew overnight It says last renewed Wednesday 22nd not Thursday 23 and say zero for shop views.

Yes Eileen, mine is the same. I know I had lots of views yesterday as they appear in Shop Activity. Also I had a glitch with Shopkeeping in the night. Listed a new item around 0030 and was unable to move it from the bottom to the top of the list. It’s come right this morning though. I blame the referendum!

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I did wonder why I had 0 views yesterday x

Didn’t notice the date, just the big fat 0! Feel slightly cheered and a little hopeful! :slight_smile:


I’m just assuming i had no views…

Yep, me too !! Just an 0, and an oh! and a :0 and an :open_mouth: !!!
Suzzie x

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I have a 0 too, but I know I had visitors x

This thread has made me feel better. I was quite dismayed when I saw the zero (and puzzled as I did some editing so knew there should be views even if they were only my own!!).

Phew glad I didnt just have a zero.

Teehee. Phew, glad it’s not an actual zero views day for us!

Brexit broke it. Maybe.

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yep sounds about right. :frowning:

Oh that’s a relief I thought it was just me!! I actually had a sale yesterday so I was totally bamboozled this morning (but then that doesn’t take much)!! :wink: