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Stripe payment charges

Hi there,
Have you found that Stripe charges are very high when someone purchase an item from your shop?
I have just compared with PayPal and it seem almost double to what PayPal is charging
Sold something for £43.95 and received £39.96, charges £3.99.
Is this normal or should I query?

Thanks for your feedback x

I don’t have stripe but I remember from when it was 1st intoduced that the Folksy Fees are also included in the Stripe fee so you won’t be charged a seperate selling fee by Folksy.

As Kim says Stripe collects folksy’s fees for them at the point of sale so they won’t be included in your end of month bill (there is a section on the bill detailing the fees that stripe has collected on behalf on folksy). Stripe’s fees are lower than paypals (1.4% +20p vs 3.4% +20p).

Thanks Kim for your feedback. I should have checked the terms before questioning but i was just shocked as i was already paying for the postage as i offered free postage on this item which seemed like a big loss xxx

Thanks for the feedback Sasha much appreciated xx

@KBCreations I have been charged seperate Fees from Folksy and Stripe

@SashaGarrett I have been charged fees from Folksy and Stripe

@KBCreations and @SashaGarrett I stand corrected, just had another look and although they were listed, they were marked point of sale and the fees I paid were for Paypal😥

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Thanks ladies for all your feedback and info.

I suppose overall nothing we can do but pay!

Have a lovely day further

Regards x