Stripe Payment going through - no Folksy order

I have received an email this morning to say that Stripe funds are on their way which is great but I have no Folksy order showing in my shop.
I’ve logged into Stripe and someone ordered five cards a week ago but as I say its not showing in my dashboard and the cards are showing as available. I have contacted support at Folksy to see what is happening.

Has anyone else had this?


Not personally (that I know of - I’m off to check!) but I’m sure I saw someone mention similar on here a few weeks ago. Don’t remember seeing what the outcome of that one was but hope you get an answer soon.

Thank you, it’s a bit worrying.

Jacqui Thank you for reminding me to check something unrelated to your problem in Stripe.
I had an order on the 12th and spotted in my Stripe payments that it appeared to be there twice but at that point it wasn;t on the way to my bank account so wasn’t sure so left it. Customer has not notified me of a problem.
Your post reminded me to check and sure enough I have the duplicate payment now heading towards my bank account… So I’ve refunded one and notified Support and also emailed my unsuspecting customer. I could Very easily have missed this as I rarely bother to check my Stripe i just let it take my payments from the customer and hand them over to me 7 days later…

Glad I checked this time and will be checking all Stripe payments for duplication in the future.

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Might it actually be that both customers had the same problem - but in Joy’s case the customer repeated the purchase, which then went through as normal? That would end up with a duplicate payment for the same item.

Is the e-mail from Stripe for an order a little while ago? (depending on your settings) mine takes about a week or so between the order being placed and payment being made into my bank?

I had two Stripe emails, 7 minutes apart but only one Folksy … time of 2nd Stripe. This was on the 12th at 15.52 / 15.59.
As I said I’m a bit lazy about checking the stripe emails as don’t anticipate a problem so I auto filter them to a separate mail folder and auto mark them as read !! Bad mistake in this case !
Certainly does sound as if it could be the same error…
Interestingly I just checked my January bill and it does only show as taking one set of Folksy fees with the Stripe at the time of the second payment.
@folksycontent @dougfolksy …fyi when you get to my support email :slight_smile: Sorry to give you more work to do xx

Thank you for letting me know Joy about your Stripe payments. I am glad that you have notified Support as there is obviously a glitch in the system somewhere. My customer said that she couldn’t complete the order, she pressed the orange button to confirm but it still kept processing without confirming it had gone through. None of the items are showing as sold in my shop.

Do you receive an email when you get an order paid through Stripe? I only receive a message from Stripe when my payment is going into my bank account.

I believe it is an option you set up in Stripe. Don’t remember doing it when I set my account up September 2019 but I always get an email. Not very useful… just the amount, not really anything else of use which is why, up to now I have ignored them .

Hi Jacqui, no I have that option turned off, I only have the option turned on when money is being paid into the bank. I have never worried about missing a sale as I’m in the daily listing group so log in to check my dashboard at least twice a day, I only check stripe to make sure the payment is okay with no issues before posting.

Thank you for your answer, I’m only receiving an email when a payment goes into my bank, this was what alterted me to that I had sales but they were a week before. I might try signing into Stripe more often.
I am sure when I first signed up I had notifications as soon as I had a sale just like Paypal does.

If you log in to your Stripe dashboard you’ll be able to set up the emails to come whenever you make a sale. Click on the little person icon in the top right corner > profile > email preferences > tick “successful payments” and then click “save”.

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