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We're going to be turning Stripe payments on shortly

Hello – after lots of development and testing we’re just about ready to turn on the Stripe option for check out.
As I’ve said, we’ve tested everything we can think of but if people could be vigilant for any issues and report them back to us (in this thread and in Folksy support) that would be really appreciated.
Right, commencing countdown…


New direct payments are now live!


whoo! :slight_smile: thank you for all your hard work guys , very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Glad to see it’s finally happened . :)) thank you Folksy ! I was wondering and hoping if it would be in plenty of time for Christmas !! Obviously it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and get any potential ‘issues’ out the way !! I’m really hoping this will make a difference, as I am quire sure that I have lost some potential sales over time . Watch this space , ha ! Maybe a new thread is needed to report sales OTHER than via Paypal !!?? good luck everyone :))


Many thanks for all your hard work

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Thank you x

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Had my first stripe payment already!
So far so good except for not having immediate access to the funds but I suppose that will become easier to manage in time and as I get used to the system.
Hopefully it will mean an increase in sales as people don’t have to rely on PayPal I know lots of people love it but I have customers who hate it with a passion so refuse to use it or simply don’t have an account so having the card payment option will really be helpful for those!


Oh - just had my first payment through Stripe - will wait to see how it feeds through to my bank account.

Thanks for setting this up Folksy @folksycontent


Thank you I have gone with stripe so hopefully a few more sales .

Two sales tonight - one paypal and one Stripe! Yippee. Hopefully the start of a good season!


I’ve had my first order through Stripe payment today after problems with PayPal.

A big thank you to the Folksy team for working so hard to set this new system up for us :blush:



I have a stripe account but no sales as yet, hopefully they’ll start coming in soon.

I had a problem free Paypal sale today from a fellow seller (thank you!) :slight_smile:

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How does a customer know they are paying with Stripe? I thought they can’t see options at Checkout…just wondering…

They don’t know it’s Stripe - you just see both ‘Paypal’ and ‘Card’ options. (I know because I just bought some things … then added one more to my basket from another seller who hadn’t signed up and it changed so I just had the PP option.)

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Thanks. So you saw both options there…was your payment processed by Card or Paypal? I’m trying to figure out if a particular payment is selected as first option by default. I mean, customers can pay by Card with Paypal too if they prefer that option.

When I complete the stripe form it says my email address is already registered and I can’t sign up can you advise please

The screen looked like this:

So the Card option was defaulted but it was prerfectly obvious I could click to select PayPal if I wanted.


That’s great, thank you so much!