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Just had my first buyer using Stripe and it seems to have gone well.

congratulations Folksy Team.



I had my first Stripe sale this evening, I had the confirmation email from Stripe saying that the payment went through, but alas, it’s now 12.40am and my Stripe dashboard is saying the gross volume is £0. Had a look around and there’s no sign of any money in my Stripe account at all, the balance is empty :frowning:

Hoping that when I wake up in the morning it will magically appear there.

Has anyone else had a delay with their payments showing up on their dashboard/any part of their Stripe account?

Natalie x

Hi Natalie
When I saw your email I realised that I had not received an email from Stripe for my second such sale on Monday but the money is listed in my Stripe account . Hope yours has turned up
Best wishes


Mel @bluebellwoodturning - I didn’t get an email for my second payment either although like you the money is showing in my account. Just got to wait and see if it transfers to my bank OK next week. Fortunately so far the amounts involved aren’t massive but I won’t be completely confident until that first deposit is made! Hope your money turns up Natalie @MoreTeaVicarKnitwear.

Hi @bluebellwoodturning Mel, there’s a tick box thing where you can request emails for every payment you receive, however, the email I received yesterday said that they’ve sent me it as it’s my first payment, but I won’t receive anymore emails as I haven’t turned on the tick box to receive further ones (I had!).

The money still isn’t showing in there :thinking: I’m rather concerned about this, as I promised my lovely customer that I’d send the gloves to her today as they’re for a gift, so I will still do that.

@folksycontent Is there any way on Foksy’s side that you can check if my account is linked properly with my Folksy shop please, or if you can see if the payment shows your end? I’ve checked through my Stripe account and my details seem ok in that end.

After this hopefully gets resolved, I’m very tempted to turn Stripe payments off until after Xmas, sales are a bit few and far between for me on here this year, so I’d rather not have the hassle of this again for what would normally be my busy time. I was such an advocate too.

Ive got to go to work now, so cant do much else but sit tight, fingers and knitting needles crossed!

Natalie x

Thanks Roz, me too! xx

Hi Natalie
I would post the item because as Stripe have emailed you then any failure of payment would now be there issue to resolve.

I’ll definitely post them today, she sent me a lovely message as she needs them by Tuesday for a gift. If I didn’t receive the email from Stripe, I wouldn’t do.

I’m on Stripe tenterhooks here!


When I made my first sale via Stripe the e-mail confirmation said that I wouldn’t get e-mail confirmations for further sales unless I logged in and changed my notification settings. There’s an option to tick a box saying you’d like an e-mail notification for every sale, not just the first one, so might be worth checking those settings are how you’d like them.

Just had a look to try and find this box you mention, couldn’t spot it. Can you tell me how to find it please?
Sorry it is probably glaringly obvious, but I am so nervous about un-clicking something vital and it stopping working.

No worries. Click the person symbol in the top right and then select ‘profile’

Scroll down to ‘notifications’ and tick or un-tick the email boxes on the right hand side

Hope that helps


brilliant thank you , done now.

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Hi Natalie. We’ve had a look and we can’t see any errors on the sale. As far as we can tell the order and payment have both gone through and it’s showing as paid via Stripe. The Stripe/Folksy fee has gone through so the payment must have gone through to. Could you contact Stripe as we wouldn’t be able to access your Stripe account to find out more. They should be able to tell you why it’s not showing. I’m sure you’ve already checked this but are your bank details right?

Let us know if it’s an error on our side but we can’t see anything strange and your account seems to be linked properly.

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Hi Camilla @folksycontent Thanks so much for checking for me on your side of things, good news that it’s gone through and I seemed to be linked ok. I’ve just checked my bank details and they’re all correct. I’ll contact Stripe when I get home (I can only just about have a sneaky look in the Forums when I’m at work :wink:) and will see what they say. Otherwise it’ll be a case of waiting until the 30th November to see if the payment has been paid into my bank account ok.

I’ll keep you updated. thanks again for checking xxx

Another possible option could be that you accidentally set up two different Stripe accounts and the one you’re logging into to check isn’t the one linked to your Folksy shop? Could that have happened?

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@folksycontent Ooh, I wonder if that could be it! The one I’m logging into has all my bank details on, addresses, where I sent the copy of my passport for and also it called Folksy.

@folksycontent OHMYGOODNESS! That was it! I am such a numpty! I must have set up an account with my business email and then another account with my personal email address. The money is showing up with my business email address which is the one linked to Folksy. I’ll go through it tonight to make sure I get verified again with my passport and fill out all the details like the other account I set up fully (but shouldn’t have done).

Thank you so much Camilla, that was a great thought! I am a silly fool!

Natalie xxxx

Hurray! It’s good we got it all sorted out. x

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If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have done! You’re my hero of the day!! :star_struck::innocent:


I will make myself a badge :blush: