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Super easy payment

(Rachel) #1

Just taken advantage of an offer of buy one get one free. The payment went through really easily with a new screen that said “directing you to payment” (or similar) Really easy thank you Folksy.

(Sian ) #2

Fantastic, glad you found the improvements to checkout easy to use!

For anyone who is wondering, buyers are now automatically directed to payment when they click on ‘confirm and pay’ if they are buying from a single seller. They will still see the old version (a page with a list of orders with a payment link for each seller) if they are buying items from multiple sellers.

(Sarah Eves) #3

Oohh, I may just have to impulse buy something to try it out :smile:
All in the name of research…

Sarah x

(Helen Clifford) #4

Hi @sianfolksy - Is there somewhere where you post notices about updates and changes? It would be good to know about them when they are done, rather than just hearing when someone happens to notice! Good to be able to compliment the Tech Chaps for putting in place some changes that will improve the customer experience - this bug in particular seems to have been causing a problem for a while, so really good to have it fixed. Thankyou!

(Sian ) #5

We do announce larger service updates and new features (eg discount codes) in the monthly(ish) seller emails and on the Service Updates category here. It’s difficult to know what and when to post here sometimes as there are often lots of small updates, improvements and bug fixes each week (or background things that aren’t too visible) and we don’t want to bore you with lots of updates. However, we’re hoping to reintroduce Weeknotes (more like a weekly digest) on the Folksy blog to let you know what we’re working on. I’ll can copy those over to Service Updates here if that helps?

(Helen Clifford) #6

I think that would be great, thankyou.