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Tag Stuffing and Listing in Wrong Category

(Leslie Morton) #1

Now, I really don’t want to cause a kerfuffle but what is the position here with shops that list their items in popular categories rather than what they really are? Same question about using non relevant tags, again as they pertain to popular searches.

Is it something for which you could or would report the shop for? Or would you let it pass even though it could affect your search results? I sure don’t want to come across as miserable but this does concern me and I would value your opinions.

Thanks once more,

(Deborah Jones) #2

I hadn’t noticed that going on here , if it bothers you report it - you get the chance to give the reason you are reporting - then Folksy can make a decision.

Your shop doesn’t seem to come up when I click on the trolley , is it not live yet ?

(Leslie Morton) #3

@DeborahJonesJewellery. I appreciate your comments. It seems as if the shop’s URL is defaulting to my old shop. I had listed it originally as Manaical (spelling is not always my strong point) and although the shop was deleted by admin and then reopened with the correct name it looks like they didn’t correct the link. I will let them know. Thank you so much for letting me know.

(Heidi Meier) #4

Don’t worry about your spelling - I think I would have spelt it manical so there’s a third option!!! think I sometimes get a bit vowel blind when there are a few vowels in any given word - even my own name lol - imagIne how a name like Heidi Meier went down when I was younger!!!

(Leslie Morton) #5

@Textiletreasure LOL, I know what you mean. My maiden name is Feller and I always had to spell it out or people would get it wrong. Once I ordered a pair of specs and when I made the appointment I said “F as in Frank,” and the rest of the letters. When I picked up the prescription they had made it to: Mrs. Effinasinfrank. I don’t think I had laughed so much in years as when I saw this,

(Joanne Joyce) #6

I have noticed it with beads, there seems to be a lot of imported beads in the handmade bead section.

(Margaret Jackson) #7

I’ve noticed that too Jo, but I suspect the seller that’s listing lots of imported beads in the handmade bead category has simply not understood what the category is for.

(Leslie Morton) #8

To be honest, I had not noticed that in the bead category. Where I noticed it was home decor products being listed as candles which I assume is a very common search. The items in question are definitely not candles. It may be an error but there are certainly a lot of them making that mistake!


(Joanne Joyce) #9

That’s what I thought and also I think some people see Indian lampwork beads and handmade because they are handmade in India.

(Sue) #10

Sorry to sound stupid but, @ManiacalMosaics I hope you don’t mind me asking as I am pretty new here and just really getting the hang of things - when you mention tags, whereabouts are the tags in a listing? Are you talking about materials and colours, or are you talking about tag words in titles or descriptions? I noticed when I was listing items that there isn’t any place to add particular “tags” in any section of a listing so I’m not really sure what area of a listing are classed as “tags”.

Thanks, Sue :slight_smile:

(Leslie Morton) #11

Hi Sue -There is never a stupid question and if by chance there is, I’ve already asked it! Yes the tags are the colour and material and the categories are where your items are listed. Of course, titles and descriptions count too but that isn’t with which I am concerned. I hope that helps.

(Sue) #12

Thanks so much @ManiacalMosaics.

I’ve noticed when I am listing colours and materials almost none of them are recognised (Etsy tells me that they haven’t been used before). Does this mean I should be trying to using the automated colours and materials that come up in the “selected” list to get noticed rather than the ones I’m using? Sorry for questioning again!

(Leslie Morton) #13

You’re very welcome. I am afraid I don’t know the answer to that question. Perhaps other, more experienced folksy shop owners could answer this for you - I would start a new thread, though. Almost none of my material shows up either but I really don’t have a choice. Materials are what they are. It may actually be better, in my estimation, as there would be fewer returns using these tags. I will try searching and see if this is, in fact, the case.

(Leslie Morton) #14


You know what, you may just have stumbled onto something there. I just tried searching with the tags I have used that were not automatically populated and my listings were all coming up on the front page. They are terms I believe people would use in search; none (except Pique Assiette) are odd terms or something people wouldn’t think of.
Who knew?

(Bojanglies) #15

It must be an optician thing! I booked someone in with their email address which they spelled “kickingksmith@…” which didn’t strike me as odd, as people have bizarre emails. Turns out she was saying K “as in kicking k”, not Kay…

(Leslie Morton) #16


LOL. I’m glad its not only me!

(Sue) #17

That’s great! I think I’ll stick with my materials then instead of trying to fit myself into the automatic materials.

Thanks for all your help @ManiacalMosaics