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Take part in our online Folksy Christmas Market!

Hi everyone! We’re really excited to announce that we’re going to be running an online Folksy Christmas Market on the weekend of 5-6 December, and would love as many of you as possible to join in!

We’re doing it with Pedddle, like the Virtual Market we ran earlier this Spring, and there are two ways you can take part.

• You can either join Pedddle which gives you access to this market for free, as well as all the usual Pedddle benefits and their other online markets in between


• You can just join our market for £15. The fee covers the costs of running the market and advertising, as we’ll be paying for social media adverts to promote the fair.

We hope you can join us! This blog post has more details and the links you need to join

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them!


That certainly sounds a good thought! Does the usual Folksy commission on sales apply, or is there an additional Peddle commission?

It’s just the usual Folksy commission :slight_smile:

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I’m definitely interested! When is the deadline for paying the fee? And can we sell knitting patterns?

Just a general question for anyone who’s already a member…
I’ve only ever done one market in person, just a really local xmas one last year. Is it worth joining just for the online events? Do Pedddle do their own in person events or are they only promoting existing ones run by others?
I like the idea of having another page to link back to my Folksy shop, just don’t know if it’s for people who don’t really sell at markets?
Cheers in advance!

I was in non-internet lockdown back in May, so sorry if everyone else already understands this, but what does this scheme do that is better than just Folksy?

How is it a combined online market? I just had a quick look at the Peddle site, and it mostly looks like just another events site like Stallfinder. The online market section had nothing, past present or future, so no help there.

In a normal summer I’m out at fairs two or three times a month, and my customers get a business card with my details on. Do I now have to drive customers to Peddle to be redirected to Folksy at £15 for 8 items?

Is it for Instagram users only?

Arrgh . . . need more tea!


Can someone explain what you do during the market. Only ever posted to Instagram so not sure how it works. If you could explain for an idiot, thank you x

I believe there was a similar market back in the spring. It would be good to hear from anyone who took part what the results were? Any info would be helpful regarding the benefits above just selling on Folksy. Where will the socail media ads be placed?

You can absolutely sell knitting patterns. The deadline to join Pedddle is 18th September but I’m not actually sure yet when the deadline is if you just want to join the market. I’ll check with Nicki and get back to you.

@OrukiDesign - Pedddle don’t run their own offline events; their aim is to support makers/artists/small artisan businesses who sell through craft fairs and markets. During the pandemic though they’ve been running regular online craft fairs and I think this is going to continue being a focus for them.

@rosesworkshop the market will be a collaboration between us and Pedddle, so we’ll both being using our social media channels and advertising to drive traffic to your Folksy shops. We haven’t finalised the details of exactly where the market will be hosted yet as it depends how many people want to take part. Last time we hosted it on Pedddle and then when customers went there, there were links to all their stallholders’ Folksy shops. The last market we did with them generated 10x the number of sales we would normally get on a Sunday, so it was hugely successful. However, there will always be some sellers who do better than others at events like this, just like at real life craft fairs, and usually stallholders who put more in (so talk about it, share other stallholders’ products on social media etc) get more out of it :slight_smile:


H there! I read the email earlier and am interested, but will probably apply after I finish adding/updating new items to my shop. Will this online market be similar to how the ones on facebook are run? :smiley_cat: ~

Okay have taken the plunge and joined Pedddle but cannot see how to sign up for the Folksy market. Please help.

So - it basically leads people to your shop - you don’t need to have specific new items for the fair?
Also, do you have to take part in chatting live to people online?

Not sure about that Sarah but I will not be chatting online. Will join in the promotions etc but hate to talk to people unless I know them.

I read again, which I should have done in the first place will be contacted by the 18/9 for the Folksy market.

I paid for the membership will see how it goes as not due to be renewed until March if does not work will not continue.

Please join me Sarah we can chat to each other, lol.

Thanks Camilla. I will have a think about it today then! I haven’t really invested a lot in my business this year other than just cost of materials, so this could be something I could do without breaking the bank.

Does anyone know if there is an additional charge for their online markets? I know this Folksy one would be included if I pay for membership, but do you have to pay again for non Folksy events? Sorry but can’t see any answer in their FAQs.

It appears the online markets are free for premium members attending one a month otherwise £5 per event for standard members. Standard is £6 per month premium £10 per month.

Must admit after signing up would not be happy if they turned me down for the online fair, will wait and see.

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Thanks Caroline, must have missed that bit! Hmm, will have a little think then.

If there’s anyone who’s already done some of these online events I’d be interested to know your thoughts!

I don’t use instagram, facebook, twitter, you tube to promote my work or shop and never have, so would not be able to publicise my presence at the market through those channels and wonder how the Christmas market would work for/benefit a Folksy shopholder like me (though I appreciate I am in the minority and most Folksy Folk use those channels hugely). Is it just a case of a selection of my images would be used on the Pedddle & Folksy Xmas Market site, with a link back to my shop ie are we simply being allowed to be seen by Pedddle’s existing customer base? And how would the demonstrations etc that are mentioned work? Just wondering if I am the right sort of person for that sort of market!

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Hi Dee. There are some comments in the Folksy Clubhouse Facebook Group from people who are already members of Pedddle or did the last market we ran. I’ll copy them here to give you an idea about the feedback:

“Peddle had one with folksy a month or so ago. I didn’t do it, but my friend did and said it was good.”

“I’m a Pedddle member and for me I have found it useful. Lots of good info/support, and I have noticed increased traffic to my social pages and shop. But that’s my experience, others may disagree. See it as a promotional investment in your business. You sign up for 6 months, if you find it’s not working for you then leave it!”

Q: “I’ve been toying with joining peddle but noticed that they don’t ever have markets in my area (south Devon) it mostly seems to be midlands, north and London. So this has put me off. You are in Bristol, do you think location affects your peddle membership?”
A: “There are no markets in my area either (Worcestershire) but the community is amazing, Nicki (the founder) is lovely and it’s really useful for tips and and talks with special guests who can help in our industry highly recommend looking into Pedddle.”

“I joined pedddle in april and have found it really helpful for online fairs, and the community is supportive, with a fantastic input from Nicki, the founder. The online chats and talks have given me lots of tips on managing email newsletters for eg, and making the most of online fairs. I‘d really recommend it!”

"We’ve been a member of Pedddle for the last 5 months and it’s all IG based … the virtual markets held by them haven’t suited us at all and you need to spend all day glued to your phone - we’re probably dinosaurs but if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have loads of time for inane remarks I’d say save your money and invest your time elsewhere… " [I’ve edited down this comment but you can read it in full in our Facebook Group.]

And here’s an email we got after the last fair we ran with Pedddle:
“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work and promotion on this fair, you must be exhausted! We have just had our most successful day ever since we started and it’s all down to yours and Nicki’s hard work.”


I certainly will not be glued to my phone for all those hours, beginning to think I was wrong to sign up. Get up at 5 most mornings and do not do late nights. Oh well will sign up for the fair and see I get in If not will cancel my membership and move on.

I really don’t think you need to be glued to your phone for the whole weekend, don’t worry! When we did the last fair I tried to approach it like a real market, where you make stock and tell people in advance that you’re going to be there, set up your stall (ie get your online shop and Pedddle page ready and even set up an actual stall in your house), and then spend the hours of the fair mostly chatting to people, with time out in between for lots of tea and cake.

We’re going to be there all weekend to support everyone and help drive traffic to your Folksy shops and we’ll also be paying for advertising on Facebook and Instagram that will direct people to the virtual market page and Folksy (that’s what the £15 fee will go towards).

But as with all online events and shops generally, the sellers who tend to do better at these kind things will inevitably be those who do join in, share and chat. For me, the chat and sense of community is one of the best things about online markets as the good ones manage to recreate some of that excitement and inspiration you get from going to real-life craft fairs and meeting the makers at their stalls :slight_smile:

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