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Take part in our online Folksy Christmas Market!

Ah fab, thanks for all that Camilla - I always forget to look on Facebook!! Need to add checking it to my daily tasks!
I think I’ll give it a bash then - nothing ventured as they say :grin: Personally I’m quite happy to chat to folk online - never used to be but it’s something I’m finally getting the hang of thanks to IG!

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Hi Judy. I think the market is probably going to work best for sellers who do have a social media presence because although you’ll be featured on the market page (which will link back to your Folksy shop) and we’ll be paying for paid promotions leading up to and during the market which will advertise that page, it does work best if you’re actively taking part in it on social media, telling people you’re going to be there and interacting with other sellers. It’s a collaborative effort really and that’s one of the things that’s really nice about it.

To answer your questions about how it will work @thedotterypotter @IdentraCraft @TheBeadHare @Caroleecrafts there will be a landing page on Pedddle which is where the actual market will run. Everyone taking part will be featured on that page - there will be a picture of one of their products, their shop name, a discount code (if you want to use one) and a link to their Folksy shop. Pedddle members will also have a ‘quick view’ button on their picture which allows customers to see/scroll through 8 items in their Folksy shop. We will be doing things on social media during the weekend (mainly on Instagram) like interviews, virtual market walks and possibly demos - although we haven’t confirmed exactly what they’re going to be yet. This is what we did last time:

If you have a look here you can watch some of the market walks and demos that we did last time -

We’ll run adverts on Instagram and Facebook to drive more traffic to the market and to Folksy, and we’ll also send out a newsletter to our subscribers about it.

Does that help answer your questions? Nicki is going to make a video which shows you how the market will look and what you’ll need to do as a seller, so we’ll share that when it’s ready as it’s easier to explain it visually than in lots of words!

It was really good fun last time and definitely my highlight of 2020 :slight_smile:


Thanks very much Camilla. I appreciate your being upfront about the social media side. I’ll stick to Folksy and the galleries who stock my work!

Thank you Camilla, you mention £15 is that regardless if you are a member of Pedddle or not. Or is it cheaper if you are a member?

I do remember now though what happened to me and others for the spring fair .
A few days after I thought I had joined I got a rejection email. I had not at this point paid but some had and had to be refunded.
Will this happen again I wonder ???

How did you select the shops you featured ?
I know they did well.

Was that for the fair Joy or membership in general?

Membership …which we needed for that fair.

Oh I may get turned down before even applied for the fair. If that is the case they should not take any money until accepted.

If you just do the fair via Folksy then you will be ok but couldn’t do that at the last one.

I’ve joined with the one off Folksy market thing, not the 6 month one, to see how it goes. It’s nice to feel I’m doing something Christmassy this year, since I won’t be at anything in person.


How you apply as cannot see the application for the December one

Camilla’s blog post has a link to join Pedddle for 6 months and get free access to the December fair, and a link to just join the December fair:

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Thank you Francesca, read that page twice and did not sink in.

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The £15 option is for Folksy sellers who aren’t already members of Pedddle or who just want to take part in this fair rather than joining Pedddle. If you join Pedddle and you’re a Folksy seller, the Folksy market is free.

@JOYSofGLASS for the last market Nicki asked all Pedddle members if they wanted to take part in the market walks and demos and we featured everyone who volunteered. You’re right that to take part in the last market you needed to be a Pedddle member and because Pedddle is curated, not everyone who wanted to take part was accepted. That’s why we’ve added the £15 one-off fee option this time, so that everyone who wants to join in can be included :slight_smile:


@folksycontent Thanks. I had wondered how the featured shops were chosen so glad I asked.
It is worth emphasising the point re the Peddle membership option that the money is taken right away, up front and you might not find out for several days that you have been rejected so don’t start working on your Peddle page until you are sure you are in.

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Had made a start Joy but think will wait and see if my membership is turned down before I do any more. Think they should vet first then let you join not take the money then reject you.

Thanks for all the comments on here, I’ve just read them all. So I’ve decided to take the plunge and have a go and signed up to peddle for the 6 months. Camila I really hear what you’re saying about engaging with it all on social media. That still feels like a dark art! I find I spend hours not actually engaging but reading what everyone else has done. Where would you go for advice?


@theglassneedle Susan, here’s the info I was talking about.


Well I got turned down today I have requested that my membership fee of £35 is returned today.

Needless to say will not be joining in the fair and pleased I did not waste more time on Pedddle. I am more than capable of advertising my own shop on all forms of SM.

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