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Tell me if you have diversified and successfully increased sales?

(Emma Rogerson) #1

I have reached a point with Folksy where my sales seem to have reached a limit. I promote when I can but with 2 kids, a part time job etc time is tight.
I am wondering if I diversified and went back to doing some prints and maybe other stationery it would help my visibilty and so sales.
I’d love to hear from anyone that has successfully done this! Or should i just keep trying to improve the products I do with better listings? (I know my photos need work for example)

(Susan Bonnar) #2

Hi Emma

I started off doing cards and ended up where I am now with albums, keepsake boxes & guest books. If I had stayed with cards I would have given up from lack of income a long time ago.

So yes, diversification is good I think. Hope that helps! Good luck with whatever you decide. Do you only sell on here?

Dottie x

I guess I further diversified then into promoting everyone else’s work on British Crafters which has helped me to pay the bills!

(Emma Rogerson) #3

thanks Dottie - no I sell in a local B&M shop and on the other side. That was doing fantastically until some changes there have seen my sales slow massively (a bit like they did here a couple of years ago!) So now I need to think of a new tactic to grow!

(Julie Maginn) #4

I too started off doing cards then added things like bookmarks, calendars and notebooks, then tried a few clocks and now I do practically all home décor type items and have 6 outlets selling my things. I hardly do any cards at all now!! The more variation you have in your shop the better I think. It will pull in more people and keep them there longer. At the end of the day if someone doesn’t need a card then you’ve had it but if they see other interesting things they may just have a browse.

(Amberlilly) #5

I hear people say how it has slowed down on here. How different is it to then? As I wasn’t really into it much about a year or so ago. So to me, its just slow.