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Using String in Packaging Advice Please

(Jennifer Combes) #1

Hi Can I just get some advice about any warnings I need to include about the string I use in my card packaging?

Here are some pics of what I send…thanks for any help :slight_smile:

The total string length is about 30cm. Do I need to add a packaging warning when a customer orders?

(Melanie Commins) #2

What, as in: do not attempt to eat like spaghetti? Under no circumstances should you wrap this string tightly around your index finger to see how many shades of purple you can see? Stuff like that?

Sorry! I couldn’t help myself. I think you’re fine :smile:

I use twine on all my parcels … and plastic mailing bags too … and it has never occurred to me to issue any warnings with them. Do some people do that?

(Jennifer Combes) #3


! was thinking of children and necks etc!

Ok just being paranoid then!

(Roz) #4

If your products were specifically made as children’s toys then they would need CE testing and there is a limit to the length of any cord you use but as you are just using the string for packaging your cards I’m sure you will be fine - I don’t believe balls of string bought from shops have any sort of warnings on them.

(Julie Maginn) #5

Thanks, I’ve had a rotten day and this conversation has given me such a laugh!!! Sorry guys!!!