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Very strange

I’ve not done much if any real promoting since Christmas as I’ve not been able to so my views have been extremely low just as one would expect.

On my business facebook page I’ve not posted at all but for some strange reason only known to Facebook my views and people liking my old post has rocketed. very confusing.

However I have had a couple of folksy sales woohooo :slight_smile: didn’t expect any due to not being able to do much.

Can less work really equal more sales ??? :open_mouth:


No idea, but congratulations on the sales :slight_smile:

I think you might be correct there Eileen, regarding less promoting more sales. This past few months I have promoted madly and not many sales for my effort, infact this month so far I have had 1 sale, my lowest since starting out over 3 years ago. It seems strange that many of us used to get lots of sales without any promotion.

It’s not just Folksy though, sales are down on E… but not as bad as here.

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I’m wondering the same thing Eileen. Between 1st January and end of April last year 12 sales. This year, so far, having listed nothing since my Plus Account ran out in early February and as a result no promotion done, again 12 sales.
Makes you wonder if it’s worth spending time promoting, or just spend the extra time making (or sitting with your feet up with a cuppa) :wink:

I’ve been working very hard on not promoting for the last few weeks, having completely given up and started doing other things. Unfortunately the magic is not working for me :slight_smile: Good luck to everyone, hope things pick up for everyone soon!

I don’t really promote my folksy shop (I focus on my other one which has more stuff listed on it) and I’ve only ever sold 1 little thing on here.
Don’t give up on promoting completely! Maybe less, but the figures do not look good for none at all.

I’m feeling disheartened too. Did what I could with promoting but it’s not helped. I now feel like giving up. It’s tiring and losing confidence.

I have noticed a funny little blip on Facebook this week - suddenly views and likes on a few old posts, normally I get very very low numbers. Can’t think of anything that would have prompted it - sadly hasn’t led to sales!

Eileen - I have just had the same happen to me. I have slowed down on promoting since Christmas - then yesterday I had a sudden spike of viewing and sold one of my large quilts. Shock was it cost me £11 to send it only about 100 miles.


Nice one Maureen, here’s to even more sales :smile: