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Waiting for photo's to load

(Jan Ryan) #1

I thought I’d pop over here while I’m waiting for my listing to sort itself out. I’m in the process of adding a new listing and I stupidly added the wrong photo’s… well, the right pics but the wrong size. I forgot to resize them to 4MB.
I’ve been watching the little circles go round and round so instead of waiting to be hypnotised I filled in the description etc and the 'ickle circles are still going round and round… oh my, how long does it take for it to realise and stop loading and give me a slap on the wrist and say… me no loady, your pics are too big!!!

Soooo, do I wait it out? or do I close down the page and start the listing again?

Has this happened to you?

(Roz) #2

Sometimes, if you are lucky, when you navigate away from the page before the photos have loaded the rest of the information saves in your drafts. When I find myself in that situation I copy the description text before closing the page so I can just paste it in again if necessary as thats the bit that takes a while.

(Jan Ryan) #3

Checked the drafts… no luck. But I did copy the description and was able to paste it. I’ll try and remember to check the picture size in future… you’d think I’d know by now!

(Sasha Garrett) #4

The circle of doom - normally my cue to go and load the dishwash/ make a cup of tea/ put away the laundry…