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Weekly art chat. w/c June 30th

(Brenda Cumming) #1

morning all up early today
Here is my aceo for today

(Hazel Rayfield) #2

Morning Brenda

This is a lavender ACEO in encaustic from me today, I have been picking and sketching lavender from the garden yesterday … very inspiring

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Morning all,

Brenda, that one has a sense of foreboding in it, very atmospheric.

Lovely lavender Hazel, I can almost smell it from here :smile:

(Maxine Veronica) #4

Morning, love that one Brenda the blue in the foreground really pops!

beautiful Hazel, I do love lavendar

I’m working on some new ideas today for ACEO’s hopefully will have a pic later on today I have the whole day to myself to craft Hubs is decorating the small bedroom and says I can do what ever I want tehe :slight_smile:

Re-listed this one today

Here’s Molly Brenda - this is one of my favourites

(Brenda Cumming) #5

OOOPS, Molly has gone AWOL

(Margaret Jackson) #6

Gorgeous ACEO Max, but I can’t see Molly.

(Stephanie Guy) #7

Molly is very sweet Max! She must have been feeling shy as it took her a few minutes to load. Love the colours in your encaustic too.

Fab lavender Hazel.

Love that one Brenda, as Margaret says it’s very atmospheric!

I’ve been taking photos of some of my postcard sized artwork in mounts this morning.

(Stephanie Guy) #8

Just listed this one

(Margaret Jackson) #9

I can see Molly now, I remember her well, very sweet indeed!

Look forward to seeing your postcards sized mounted artworks later Stephie,

Great Pennines sketch Stephie, another subject that suits the inks brilliantly

(Hazel Rayfield) #10

Yes I remember Molly she is lovely Max :slight_smile:

Great sketch Stephie :slight_smile: playing with that pen is very addictive I was sketching the lavender in the garden yesterday and the time flies by - I find it very relaxing :slight_smile:

And very different to my latest pieces of Art In Wax, which have been abstracts on mini panels, I have them curing on my mantle place at the moment, they need a few days before I can then list them as part cured :slight_smile:

Lovely blue skies here in Southend at the moment, I have work and chores to do today so might not get in the studio today …

(Maxine Veronica) #11

just finished some illustrations, some are too big for aceo so im going to make some photo albums too :slight_smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #12

Very pretty butterflies Max.

(Stephanie Guy) #13

They’re lovely Max, I like the butterflies especially. All photos sorted now (and shopping done), off to update some listings now.

(Stephanie Guy) #14

I’ve created a new section in my shop Mounted Paintings: Ready to Gift or Frame

(Margaret Jackson) #15

They look wonderful Stephie! :smile:

Have you seen the new United by Art challenge? It’s a very colourful duck, I’m thinking of having a go with my polychromos pencils, though I want to finish my tulips first. I’ve got my all day workshop with Geoff Kersey coming up on Saturday too, so I’ll be busy!

(Brenda Cumming) #16

waving to everyone…
Margaret Love Geoff Kersey’s paintings…you will have to report back on your lesson. None of these fab paintings seem to come to South Wales…
Still can’t see Molly…

(Margaret Jackson) #17

So excited! I’ve got my email from the Derwent Art Academy saying I’ve graduated! :slight_smile: I’m going to choose the coloursoft pencils. No point getting Inktense as I already have plenty of those.

(Stephanie Guy) #18

I was torn between the coloursoft and the pastel pencils. I chose the pastels, and have been warily eyeing them up for a few days now lol…I’ll have to sidle up to them, pounce, and draw something quick before the fear factor kicks in and I run away screaming! Is this what some people feel when they look at their watercolours???

(Margaret Jackson) #19

Possibly!lol I don’t fancy pastels because I’ve seen the ones Mum has and they seem quite ‘dusty’.

(Hazel Rayfield) #20

Well done Margaret :slight_smile: Enjoy your new pencils … look forward to seeing what you draw with them :slight_smile: