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Weekly Natterings beg. 1st Sept

I know its Tuesday, thus not the beginning of a new week, but it is the 1st and the beginning of a new month, so we need a new thread!
So that was officially the wettest Aug on record, but I think we knew that.
Just sent hubby off to work, so now sitting with a cuppa tea listening to the dawn. Today is operation get No.1 daughter ready to go back to school for tomorrow, which includes the trip to the dentist, and naming new items of school clothing. And I am sure she will throw a curve ball in there somewhere and want a new pencil case!
Knitting coming along, will list later this week, but I think I need a trip to a yarn shop for colour inspiration. Sometimes you have an idea but it doesn’t shout out as the next big seller until you see the colour yarn that will make it perfect. I need to go and stroke some balls of wool! Maybe I just need to get out!
Suzzie x

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Morning all - pinch punch, 1st of the month, white rabbits and all that!

Why have I happily been wide awake at 5am all weekend and then on the day I have to go back to work I can’t bring myself to open my eyes! Did intend to get an early night last night but spent an hour trying to brush the knots out of my daughters hair! Suzzzie @thistledownandHOPE, you’ve just remainder me that my daughter needs a dental appointment, she had one in July that I had to cancel but I’ve never got around to re booking - bad mother. I am glad she is now old enough to sort herself out for school and doesn’t need school uniform any more, I remember those days only too well and not fondly!

Right, I have a busy day ahead, work this morning, food shopping and a trip to town this afternoon and at some time I need to tackle that pile of mud that used to be clothes and hang the tent out to wash and dry. I’ve also closed my shop on the other side for a spot of rebranding and restocking so have to go through prices etc over there. Will have to repeat the exercise over here in a few days - Oh happy days.

Enjoy your wool stroking Suzzie - I can relate to that :smile:

You cant say that to too many people without getting some funny looks, but I knew there would be some fellow strokers here and I would be safe!
i have just hung the washing out, rain forecast by 10am, now there’s a surprise, hope you get that tent dry Roz @rozcraftz, they take up so much room when not rolled in their little bags.
Do we know where Kelly @tagpress is? We haven’t seen her for about a week, is she moving again? And what about Melanie @Beledien are you up and about again?

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We came back off our hols last night from Cornwall, it didn’t rain all the time but definitly colder than it should’ve been, but colder here in Bristol this morning! So i’m off today to get my chickens from the sitter and get some food in, walk the dogs and do some washing and back to work tomorrow. My son starts 6th form tomorrow and realised last night he had work to do in the holidays, so is he panicking, well, he still in bed, so no :confounded: Hoping to list some things I made while away, so in my discription i can put, made in Cornwall! LOL!
And yes, enjoy your wool browsing Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE and Roz @Rozcraftz I don’t envy your mud pile! :laughing: x

Hi everyone.
Can’t believe it’s September. Time is whizzing by this year.

I’m off to my sisters I’m on bus number two. This is were I’m so pleased I have Internet on my mobile.
I’m getting a bit nervous cos we are going to view a flat tomorrow. I’m just hoping they want to swap so I can hopefully move before I have surgery.
Really don’t think it would be a good idea after.

I was thinking the same this morning now seen Kelly @tagpress in a while. I know she moved the once bit didn’t like the new place cos it was too small but not seen her for ages.

What is everyone upto today?

Well Kellys shop is still open so she must be around somewhere! Perhaps she has got lost in the ether - hope you’re back soon Kelly @tagpress

Wow, September already! I need to make a bunch of items before I go back to school next week. I’m taking my daughter back to uni tomorrow (or rather her stuff, she’s coming back with us for a week or so) so no doubt she’ll be running round like a headless chicken all day today!

Hi everyone, pouring with rain here in Berkshire, yet again. Mainly housey things today, although I have been working on (new for me) mini canvas prints. We’re taking my daughter off to her first year of Uni next week, still checking that’s she’s got everything. Well hope everyone enjoys their week, let’s hope for sunshine! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Been blackberrying this morning to the disgust of the dog! He can’t see the point of it at all, when you’re walking you’re supposed to be walking, not stopping every few yards :smile:

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I have the opposite problem with my dog. He eats more blackberries than I pick. I can’t get him out of the bushes. This was him a couple of years ago.


Aw, is he a black lab? :heart:

I try feeding the blackberries to my springer but he’s too busy sniffing out the local wildlife.

He is a black lab. My other dog is a yellow lab (a typically greedy one at that) but she isn’t the slightest bit interested in blackberrying.

Aw,lovely to have 2.
My black lab girlie ‘Mrs Bea’ lived until she was almost 16. She had the heart of a lion and her favourite thing in the world was studying the contents of our freezer :smile:


I can’t believe this, my dog is exactly the same!! She loves to rustle in the raspberry canes when we are out walking and can’t get enough of them!! I don’t mind her eating the wild ones, but the ones I grow in my garden … I’m not happy about that, lol! :grinning:

:slight_smile: both my dogs like going blackberrying but the older one has a passion for sloe berries - she just can’t get enough of them although they grow too high for her to pick her own.


Dogs are true omnivores aren’t they? Including the unmentionable stuff…

I borrow one from several times a week, we call him our time-share pup.

I know what you mean. My Mam has given up growing raspberries in her garden. The birds helped themselves to most of them and Archie hoovered up the rest. :blush:

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Yes, I am (nearly) fully mobile, thanks! Got the cast off a few weeks ago. Still working on getting all the muscles back up to speed but hopefully it won’t be far away. :slight_smile:

I thought you must be up and about, just keeping your head down, as your Christmas tree cinnamon sticks came up in my 'have you seen new items from…'
glad to have you back Melanie
Suzzie x

Good morning everyone.
Hope you are okay.
All this talk of dogs is making me a bit jealous. :stuck_out_tongue:
I grew up with pets of all kinds but now I don’t think it’s fair as I live in a flat and couldn’t give it the attention a dog wood need.
We had three dogs when was little. Pandora was a cross (can’t remember what) but she was a nutter. She loved blackberry picking too. She was a black dog with ginger paws and ginger and white patches on her face well those patches use to turn purple so we had to bath her and is took forever to come off but she use to stand there wagging her tail like a loon with a purple face and paws. Very funny.

What’s everyone upto today? I’m off to view a flat abit later.
So hopefully this one works out.
Also going to while actually sunshine.