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What does this mean?

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

You were granted Autobiogragher???

I’ve clicked on it as it was in my bit next to my name at the top of the forum but I’ve no idea what is means or what it’s for.

Anyone know???

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(Margaret Jackson) #2

I have no idea but I have the same thing! I’m curious as to what it means.

If I go to my profile where it says how many posts I’ve made etc there’s a place now for ‘badges’ and I have 6 of them. Autobiographer is one of them. I expect it will be explained to us in time

(Margaret Jackson) #3

It says ‘filled user profile information’ against the Autobiographer badge, so I’m assuming that everyone who’s filled in their profile info gets an Autobiographer badge.

184 people have one of these badges, presumably that’s those of us who use the forum, we’re the only ones likely to have filled out our profile.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

oh Thank you Margaret I’ve just gone and had a look and I’ve got the same thing. I appear to have 6 different badges.

I think now it must be something to do with using the forum.

(Fiona Thomson) #5

it means we levelled up in the game of folksy :slight_smile:

(Donna) #6

ooo I just had a look, I have 5 badges too :smile: I like the idea of leveling up lol @fionaT
Donna x

(Little Ramstudio) #7

Do we have to sew them onto our uniforms like in the Brownies? :wink:

( Carol ) #8

Ooo I have 8 badges. I must be playing well :smile:

(Minerva) #9

I saw that this morning…I have a few too. You can see the description of the batches here:

( Carol ) #10

I was just about to add that link too :smile:

I have 2 x Nice post
Paying it forward

(Elaine) #11

Ooh this is cool. I wonder who will get the first Good and Great Post badges.


(Roz) #12

:slight_smile: I appear to have 7. I wonder if autobiographer means we chat too much about ourselves?!

(Susan Bonnar) #13

How exciting lol! Love a badge, sticker etc…

(Susan Bonnar) #14

Do I not have profile information? I can see it but is it public? Can someone have a peek for me please?

(Aasiyah Johnson) #15

Er. . . . . I’m a little slow lol where do we get to see how mane badges we have???

(Margaret Jackson) #16

It’s in your forum profile, under how many posts you’ve made etc.

(Susan Bonnar) #17

@wobbear Just go to the post you just did and click on your name x

(Margaret Jackson) #18

Dottie, your forum profile just shows how many posts you’ve made/liked etc and that you’re a regular user. There’s nothing ‘personal’ there.

(Susan Bonnar) #19

@Louisa15 Thanks. Just thinking as I am not autobiographer that there is something I have forgotten to fill in?

(Aasiyah Johnson) #20

Thank you Dottie, I have 5 x