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What makes you feel good?

I always seem to be posting negative rants, so I’ve decided to start this thread (mainly so you don’t all thing I’m a naggy old baggage lol) to give us a chance to get all the good positive things out there. I’ll start with the lady who just brought me cake because she loved the baby items I embroidered for her. There was no need, she’d paid for them after all. But cake :slight_smile: :cake: In fact people who say thank you in general, for anything, it’s rare and makes you feel so very happy :slight_smile:


I love cake too- which doesn’t help as I’m trying eat healthily.How lovely of your customer :slight_smile:

My old dog makes me feel good, the fact that he’s still here after we almost lost him last year- and all next door’s chickens ,peacocks and guinea fowl that visit me during the day brighten me up no end- and I love May too, with all the flowers frothing and the trees bursting in to leaf.


I’m trying to eat healthy too so I can do the race for life next year, but you can’t turn down free cup cakes with vanilla frosting lol
Giving my cat belly rubs has just made it onto my list, I just spent the last few mins doing that. She is soooo fluffy lol :slight_smile: :cat:

I manage my bipolar disorder by reducing stress and overactivity so I am always looking for the positive side of things.
I teach via distance learning so seldom meet my students so an unsolicited word of praise and thanks from them is always welcome. An unexpected gift will always bring a smile. But I get great joy in going for a walk and watching the world go by, with no deadline.


Gardening. I’m a notorious plant killer (my kitchen windowsill is not known as death-row for nothing) but somehow, gardening outside (not in pots) works for me. Pots I forget to water…probably explains death row.

My cats make me happy too. Both almost 16, one with thyroid problems, but both happy and in good nick for their age. I love wandering out into the garden and finding Pixie lounging happily on the bench in the sunshine, whilst her brother’s flat out in the shade.

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Scoffing freshly picked stuff at the allotment - nothing tastes better when you’re tired and grubby from the digging/ weeding/ watering so sit on an upside down bucket with whatever is ready (currently asparagus) to enjoy the sun on your shoulders and the twitter of birds (the robin does sing sweetly but I’m sure they are telling me to naff off so that they can see what grubs I’ve turned up!).

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Lots of things make me feel good, to list just a few, my garden, flowers, birds in the garden, sitting in the garden, family & friends with me in the garden, there’s a theme developing here. Oh & I love getting lovely feed back from customers, one I remember in particular was a customer who said that she bought one of my fairy aceo’s to have framed for her god daughter’s christening, now that really made me feel good. :slight_smile:

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Being able to go out in public with my nephews they’re well behaved and well mannered, they are a joy to spend time with.

Seeing all the blossum on my 8 fruit tree’s and hearing the birds sing in the morning and just before the sun sets.

Driving down a country road in the summer with the roof panels off my car.

Curled up on the sofa with Hubbie watching a film.

Sunny days, trees weighed down with blossom, birdsong (especially Blackbirds and Robins), Bluebells in bloom…
Now I’ve started thinking and listing things it all seems very nature-related! :smile:

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This is possibly very shallow but counting my takings after a successful fair makes me feel sooo good.


Lovely thread! Once I was at a pain management group and they asked us to write a list of “uppers” and a list of “downers”. I filled out both sides of the paper with things that make me feel good and refused to write down anything that brings me down. I didn’t have room because I filled all the paper with good stuff, and I try to apply the same rule to life. Funny though, because they just seemed to think I was being awkward! (ME???)

Steam stripping wallpaper is one of my favourite things, can’t be blue when there’s walls to do!


Life! I have to say that I am generally a very chilled person and don’t let much annoy me. If something irritates me I generally just take a deep breath and walk away - life’s too short to spend it getting bogged down with irritating things. I do have a rant occasionally but it rarely stays with me for long.

Specifically I love when the daffodils arrive in spring - a sign the winter is coming to an end. Any time spent with my girls. Compliments/feedback from customers both for my felting and in my day job as a chiropodist. Walking the dogs on a sunny day…and I’m sure there are plenty more.

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A hug off my little granddaughter, who is almost 3…:smiley:



This afternoon’s happiness source was finding the perfect present here on Folksy for hubby’s 50th. An amazing print of the Himalaya (his bucket list destination).

I’m so excited to give it to him but have to wait till October!!


I feel good when my OCD has behaved and I have a nice day. Few and far between but it does happen :blush:

Music makes me happy, I love chilling out listening when I’m creating.

Creating makes me incredibly happy :smile:

Family times are the best times :heart:

Karen xx

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Aah this is nice. I love a sunny day! I love being woken up by the sun shining through the window. Summer time generally makes me happy.
I love it when some of the kids at school will say thanks at the end of their lesson! That’s nice.
I like spring time when everything starts to come to life. I love flowers and greenery and birds and wildlife- they all cheer me up.
A few quiet hours on the allotment and I’m in my element!
I love curling up on the sofa with my kindle when there is rain and wind lashing at the Windows.
I love playing with my bunny and watching her jump around and do her super cute little ‘I’m happy’ flops onto her back.
All those things make me feel good!

This persons allotment makes me good too- each year I go and look at it and I have no idea who’s it is:


I love when either myself or one of the kids I’m teaching says or does something which was totally innocent but ends up looking or sounding rude. Today we were modelling fondant icing and I said “make two big balls and roll them in your hands to get rid of wrinkles” - we all snorted with laughter and had to take a break lol I also had a student who wanted to call his wooden woodpecker toy “happy pecker” which cracked me up and forced me to explain why he couldn’t name his product that.


Hahahah that reminds me of some of the funny things that are said in my school. I had to stop my year 10 maths lesson the other day (year 10!!!) they’re all boys, and one asked if he could get periods- I asked ‘well, do you have ovaries?’ And he said ‘I don’t know- I don’t think so’ I said 'no- you don’t, so no, fortunately for you, you can’t have periods’
Another boy in the class piped up 'I always thought Ovaries were a kind of swimming shorts!'
We spent the next 5 minutes laughing as well as me being very worried and wanting to give them a biology lesson there and then.
Those moments definitely cheer you up though!! Not a day goes by where I’m not laughing in my job so that’s a plus!! Haha


My gorgeous little nephews make to so happy. Not sure they make me feel good as they run me ragged. But they are great fun and always make me laugh.

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I love all the usual things- kittens in baskets, little girls(as long as they’re related to me), cute Westies who can’t get off the train without help, rainbows,wind, chirpy birds. I tried to just put “cheese” earlier, but they wouldn’t let me :open_mouth: