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Whats this style called?

I want to make something with this letterpress wooden compartment tray. I know the look is popular now as its quite in keeping with the Victorian taxidermy/storage fashion but Ive no idea what the style is called. Any ideas?

Steampunk? It incorporates movable type with a utilitarian box and some bling!

To me steampunk is a mix of Victoriana with science fiction, I guess it has the Victorian element but nothing science fictiony.
Im making it into a wall mounted jewellery holder. There wont be any bling, so far Ive added a couple of hooks for necklaces, I was thinking of maybe sticking old writing or images on paper on it and distressing that.

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Victorian is probably the best word to use for this. There were different art styles in the Victorian period, for example the Aesthetic Movement, but these names would probably mean less to buyers than they would to art historians.

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Of course there was the Arts and Crafts movement too…

This is what Ive made with it, a jewellery holder. I need to drill a hole so it can hang up. I thought earrings and rings in sections and I added hooks for necklaces. Sorry for the awful pic.

Should I add some colour to it or leave as it is?