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Where are all my zero stock Expired Listings

I just remade a duckling which I last made in 2014.
Went into my Expired listings to find a previous listing to copy (I can always find them as I know when I list, sell everything) and there was only one duckling listing there and that was by chance as it was one which I’d sold elsewhere and it still had stock so I’d changed the title to Sold.
The other versions of the duckling where the stock was zero as I’d sold them have Gone.

I only have 136 expired listings and of these only 8 are sold (but still have a stock figure). All my other expired lstings, all the things I’ve sold, have vanished !

That means that if something I have sold expires it will vanish from my Sold page

HELP. Can anyone else noticed this
@folksycontent has someone done a trawl through expired listings and deleted all where stock is zero ? If so please can I have mine back.

If this is permanent it will really mess me up. I Always copy my previous lisitngs, I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. If I don’t remake within 4 months of it being listed wnen I sell something it will vanish. I checked my River View landscape - (River Valley 004 7.5x5.5 #1502 @FOLKSY @150712 @27.50.jpg = made in feb 15, sold on Folksy 12/07/15). It is not in my Expired listings. I haven’t made another yet. When I do I will have to make all the description etc up again.

I think I will message this to Support

I have just looked, and mine have gone from the expired listings as well, but they are still showing in my ‘sold’ items…at least some of them are, I can’t be sure they are all there without checking back on all my orders.

I see what you mean Joy, my expired listings have scarcely anything in there either. The listings must still exist as they are still there when I click on the ‘Sold’ items in my shop, but there is no way to copy a listing from there.

I do wish Folksy didn’t send e-mails telling me that out of stock listings were about to expire but like you I do want to be able to access them as I sometimes re-make things too.

There is no doubt that All my zero stock expired listings have gone.
Got a horrible suspicion that someone thought we didn’t need the zero stock ones so deleted them to make space ?

I have messaged support. I don’t think they can have been gone more than a week as I often pick up Expired listings to copy when I make a replacement.

Imagine for example if I sell my Rainbow flower on the 28th Feb and it expires on the 29th and I make another on the 1st March and have to spend an hour completely redoing the listing.
Doesn’t bear thinking about.t d


Don’t panic, the listings can’t have been deleted if they are still there as sold, I imagine the selection criteria for the Expired Listings page has been tweaked, that’s all.

Phew… I just went through my Sold page and did manage to find one listing from September which would therefore have expired.

For my reference is the only Sold listing I can find which is expired. As far as I can see all the other 59 Sold lsitings have not expired yet so still show in the out of stock list.

So all I can say is please Folksy may I have my expired listings back again. I sometimes need them.

Yeah I noticed this yesterday too, I thought it was just me doing something wrong, somehow! (Think it has only happened in the last day or two @JOYSofGLASS) … I have somehow lost a couple of years worth of items, they have completely disappeared and are definitely nowhere to be seen. Please please please can we put it back the way it was folksy, or I will surely die! :slight_smile: well, my shop will, anyway.


I did wonder about a deliberate deletion exercise after the technical problems they had last weekend and into the early part of the week. Nothing better to speed things up than doing a bit of archving !
I can manage with only a years’ worth of expired but I do need those or I will surely die too :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

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Until it is sorted out you can go in to the listing under the sold items and copy and paste the description…I know it’s not all the information but it is a large part of it…

nope - the items i wanted to restock aren’t in my sold items.
i think something has gone a bit squiffy somewhere - let’s hope it’s just a glitch, anyway!
maybe Doug’s magical spanner will be able to fix it on monday morning! :hammer:

That wouldn’t necessarily cover the things I sold last year as the Sold page only has 60 listings and I’m quite busy.
But… thank for the idea …the sold expired listngs can be ‘got at’ via the Orders.for copy / pasting anyway, Edit is not an option.

Thats not good - I feel for you - doesn’t really affect me personally as the only time I ever make more than one of something it is usually something that has sold really well and I re-list pretty quickly, even then I don’t necessarily copy the listing as everything is slightly different so I have to re write bits of it anyway. However, I have just had a look at my expired listings and sure enough there is nothing there that has a zero stock level. I hope admin can sort it for you.

BTW I hate those expired listing emails too!

Mine have gone too, but I don’t really mind as I don’t make things more than once very often. Bit odd Folksy didn’t tell people first though, so those that do restock would have a chance to keep the listing.

I never just relist as everything is slightly different just by the nature of glass. I always add new photos and just leave one from the previous one at the end to show they are different and I often change words here or there, colours etc but the basic description once written doesnt need rewriting every time. Goodness, I’d have no time to make the glass.


Yes mine have gone too. I only had zero stock items in my expired section as, if I sell them elsewhere, I delete them from Folksy. My expired section is therefore now completely empty. They are still showing in the sold section though - thank goodness!

I noticed this the other day. I wanted to relist an expired, sold item. Although I could still access the listing in sold items, there was no way for me to relist so I had to copy it to a brand new listing. I hope they put it back to how it was.

It could be connected to some work we’ve been doing on items. Let me pass it on to Doug and see what he can find out Joy.

Thanks very much Camilla, I’ve just had a response from my message to Support.
I, and I’m sure lots of others when they see the implications of the action, would very much appreciate the return of the zero stock expired listings.
If others don’t want them there they do of course have the option to manually delete them.
I can manage if you wanted to restrict by date to over a year old as if I haven’t remade in that time I’m unlikely too.

Joy xx

I’m pretty sure it will just be a glitch because it’s not something we would have intentionally changed. Sorry!

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Phew! I definitely couldn’t manage without them! Thanks Camilla and Doug! :slight_smile: xx