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Where are all the sellers?

(Christine Shephard) #1

I was looking at the main front page earlier (the unsigned-in one) and noticed that the number of sellers has declined dramatically - there are fewer than 5000 now, and I remember it hovering around the 6000+ mark last year.
We usually get a lot of seasonal sellers re-opening their shops before Christmas, but they’re either late this year or not bothering. It’s a bit worrying, especially with new sites opening up.

(Qteacup) #2

Oh, hadn’t looked at that for a while. There were still a very large number of items the last time I looked though. It would be interesting to know if they have moved else where or just given up. Some people do dabble for a while.
Let’s hope less sellers = more sales for us.

(Helen Smith) #3

But I think the number of items is not shrinking the same way? Maybe people are realising that selling craft online is not the ‘easy money’ that some magazines etc make it out to be. So fewer sellers, but serious ones, listing more items. Not necessarily a bad thing.

(Christine Shephard) #4

It must have an impact on Folksy’s revenue though - they must get quite a lot from listing fees, especially from smaller shops that don’t have the plus account and that’s whether they’re selling or not. Of course they still get commission on sales, but only if people are selling. The listing fees are their ‘bread and butter’.

(Deborah Jones) #5

I think a lot of people that had 2 or 3 shops are making do with one ,with the plus account. Read it a lot on the forum and that only represents a tiny portion of shop owners.

(Christine Shephard) #6

That’s true Deborah, at one time I had 3 different shops on here, but now just the one, so it’s quite likely others have done the same. I’m surprised there hasn’t been the usual jump in numbers though - it’s happened every year until now.

(Christine E.) #7

This is my seventh year on here and I must admit there were times over the last two when I was considering giving up. I think quite a few established sellers decided they were doing much better on other sites. Others, as Helen says, just give it a try and if it doesn’t happen straight away, give up. I hope it does mean more sales for those of us who persevere!

(Helen Smith) #8

I still have 2 shops because the ffflowers are so different from everything else I do. But that shop has been so quiet this last year, I’m wondering whether to trim it down and continue without the plus account for that one. I know I don’t promote it as I should because it’s not where my heart is… what to do? I don’t think I’ll close it outright though.

(Christine Shephard) #9

I had no idea you were behind ffflowers, Helen! I remember it from when I first joined Folksy, and your flowers were always on the front page. I don’t see them as much now - such a shame, they’re so pretty.

(Helen Smith) #10

Thank you Christine :slight_smile: It’s probably my fault ffflowers has gone quiet because I don’t really do all the things I used to do like blogging and so on. and of course they’re not a new idea any more. And I could probably do with retaking some of the pictures… the shop ticks over nicely over on the other side, just not so much here. The same old story I guess.

I’ve been here forever really, I had another shop pre-ffflowers…

(Joy Salt) #11

Maybe those who have left were the ones who spent a lot of time on here posting negative comments about lack of sales and seemed unwilling to actually promote themselves, as everyone was advising them to do, to do something about it.
I’ve been on here for ever, sold my first piece 5.5.2009 and I’m not planning on going anywhere else as I’m quite happy here.

I Do pass out my Folksy card to other sellers I meet - only those selling nice things of course and suggest they should set up a shop on here.

(Marg) #12

Sellers come, sellers go, for various reasons. But having 5,000 sellers is still a very good amount, I would say you need that many to have as much variety as possible for buyers. I think Folksy are doing a good job, they seem to have their fingers on the pulse. I prefer Folksy to other sites where you are one amoung tens of thousands.

(Joy Salt) #13


(Joy Salt) #14

Had a thought this morning.
Yesterday the count was 4949. Today it is 4960.

Does the count exclude shops which are on holiday by any chance … or have 11 new shops opened in the last 15 hours ?
@Folksyadmin ??

(Helen Smith) #15

I’m pretty sure the question has been asked before and the count does exclude shops on holiday - which explains at least some of the daily variation.

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(Christine Shephard) #16

Maybe empty shops are now excluded too?

(Helen Smith) #17

Oh yes, I’m sure that only active shops are included in the count, otherwise it would on and ever up…

(fancyknittles) #18

Hello there, I’m one of new sellers here, I opened my shop just a few days ago. It’s Interesting statistic about moving sellers. If everything goes well seller won’t go anywhere else I think. This is my second shop and hopefully it will be good experience…

(Margaret Jackson) #19

I love your miniature cactus Fancyknittles!

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(fancyknittles) #20

Oh, thanks a lot!