Where do my newly listed items go?

Hi, I’m a little confused, as for the last two or three days, my newly listed items don’t appear on the front page or in the “newly listed” section, they seem to disappear into a black hole. I also can’t find them by searching the title.
They used to appear on the front page (not for long of course), but why is this happening, I am listing as usual.
Thank you

I’ve noticed this happening too for a few days now.

Oh, so it’s not just me then. I’ve also lost the ability to share to Facebook.

Yes, I noticed this as well.

I’ve just search for a few items I’ve listed this afternoon. One has appears in the search but the two more recent ones haven’t. @dougfolksy Is this a problem with search or listings?

I’ve just listed some more things to check and they didn’t appear on the front page.

Hi Martine, I did a search in the category I put my bags in and they were nowhere to be seen.
Hopefully Doug can sort it out soon.

I also just tried to search for them but there’s a ‘Something went wrong 500’ error on the website.

I’ve just listed a couple more and the socks are now on the first page - so it’s working again now.

This has been happening for a few weeks now. There was another thread about it a while back. @dougfolksy would it be possible to investigate?

Thanks folks for reassuring me that it’s not me going mad. @dougfolksy please could you have a look into this, we all like a small moment in the spotlight, and I would like to think my new items are searchable.

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This is an issue that’s been happening on some items for the last couple of weeks, where some items (but not all) aren’t being indexed immediately, but can take up to 24 hours.
For relisted items this means until the item has been reindexed, it will show where it previously was in recently listed and categories, so depending on how long ago you last relisted the item, this could be near the back pages or just a few pages into the category. For brand new listings, this means the item won’t show until it’s been indexed, and unfortunately this seems to be causing some issues with search, with it giving an error message on the page where the unindexed item should be showing.

We have been investigating the issue, but unfortunately it hasn’t been immediately obvious what is causing the problem, so it’s taking some time to work out a solution. We’re making sure to run a task which will index everything on the site every day, so it shouldn’t be too long until your items start showing as they should, and we’re still investigating what’s causing this.

If you can give any specifics, such as which item/s this has occurred on and the exact time you listed/relisted them, along with if you listed any other items at the same time that showed up correctly, this may help us determine if there is any pattern to the items which aren’t being immediately indexed. If you could also let us know if this is a brand new listing that is bringing up the error on search, as obviously we want to make sure those get fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience while we work on this.


Hi Kim @kimfolksy as the originator of this thread, firstly thanks for your reply, and if it helps I have just listed the following item Christmas bunting red and white deer and trees - Folksy at 12.36pm and despite refreshing the front page several times I cannot get it to appear in the recently listed section.

@qteacup Thanks for that. It looks like it’s showing in it’s correct placement in the bunting category now, so it should be showing under recently listed too (it’s just a lot quicker to check the categories).
Obviously we can’t guarantee you’ll see everything you list in those limited 8 spots on the front page, as (even when everything is working properly) if you’re listing at a particularly busy time then there might be 8 other people with new items listing at the same time, which means you might only have a very short time frame to see the item before the next new items come along, but if your item is one of those which isn’t getting indexed immediately, unfortunately it will miss out on this short time on the front page.

Please don’t worry too much though, as people don’t usually use recently listed to shop by, and with our temporary fixes it won’t take too long before the new items are showing properly in search. We’ll try to get everything back to normal as soon as we can.

Thank you for looking into this @kimfolksy I do understand that the front page is fleeting, however I was concerned not to find my item in recently listed or under a search for the item.
I hope you manage to get this fixed soon, but thanks again for attending to this.

I’ve been having the same problem, newly listed items not showing up.

i haven’t noticed the new listing thing, but i had noticed that I can no longer share to Facebook - i had begun to think i had imagined that!

We’ve made a change to the system today that we’re hoping will have solved this issue.

If you notice the problem is still happening after this message was posted, please can you let us know.