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Hello there - welcome to Folksy!

I hope you do very well but thought I would point out you have the same name as an existing seller on here - did you realise this? It might make things a bit complicated for you and buyers may also get confused.

There’s stacks of advice on setting up shops etc on here, so my top tip would be to spend a couple of hours reading all the various blogs as they are full of good advice.

All the best


I’ll add to Heidi’s comment - both your Studio Bee and the other Studio Bee sell artwork so it could get very confusing of customers if they end up searching folksy for you rather than clicking on a link to take them direct to your shop.
I’m a firm believer in craft markets - people can see your work so they know what the quality is like, they can then make follow up purchases online. Make sure you have plenty of business cards available for people to pick up.
With social media try and avoid the ‘i’ve just listed this’ type posts, people soon get tired of them. The odd one is ok but mix it up with other posts about works in progress, excitement at a delivery of materials, completion of commissions, design ideas (including photos where possible). The folksy blog has lots of tips so start with
Good luck


Hi, I wish you well, but it would perhaps be wisest to choose another shop name, given that there is already a Studio Bee Art shop which is pretty well established here.

Thanks for all your advice, shop name is now changed!

I’m surprised that this duplication of shop name was allowed to happen, i.e. I assumed when you request a name it would be rejected if it was already in use. @folksycontent could this facility be added to prevent this kind of thing happening in future

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It shouldn’t be possible to have the same shop name, so I’m not sure how this happened. I’ll pass it to the support team.

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I noticed recently that someone else had set up shop as The Owl and the Pussycat (I’ve had that name on here for 6 years). Admin said there’s nothing they can do to stop it, just appeal to the new shop owner to change it. I wasn’t that bothered, the other shop could not have been confused with mine, but I was surprised that it was allowed…

It shouldn’t be allowed. there must be a little glitch in their system. When I changed my shop name I couldn’t have what I wanted as apparently someone else had it before, even though their shop has since closed down. Etsy won’t let you have a shop name that is in use or even been in use in the past.

Hi @beeprints and welcome to Folksy.

Could I ask a silly question as it isn’t at all clear from your listings and you haven’t yet added a profile to tell your potential customers something about yourself (hint…)…

Are the prints from your own illustrations?

Hello Joy of Glass,

Yes the illustrations are all my own, I am an Illustrator and thats what I did at art college. I love collage and colours and texture. I will check out the profile section, I am still getting used to the site!

Bee Prints

Thank you for the advice, it feels good that there are people ‘out there’ it can feel a bit lonely when you set up your shop. It is nice to hear from others.

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Hi Bee Prints.

Your illustrations are lovely. I think you should add a line to each of your listings to make it clear that they are all your own original work, That makes a really strong selling point.
You need it on each listing because someone buying from you may not bother with your profile but go straight to the listing to browse and hopefully buy.
However when you get a moment do fill in your profile as well to say that you are a trained illustratior. Every little helps.
Joy xxx

Great advice, thank you!

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