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2015 diets (sorry)

(Grimm Exhibition) #401

I went out for dinner last night and wore a dress I havnt been able to do up for ages. This encouraged me to try on a dress Id made years back and was way too tight when I last tried ot get in it, and I can fit into that one too!!

(Grimm Exhibition) #402

I also just rearranged my workroom space, if that didnt shift the calories I gained by consuming that belgian bun, that forced itself into my stomach last night, I dont know what will.

(Plumporridge) #403

I have to report that I bought some Barenaked noodles today. We had to go to Maldon (Essex) and they have a big Morrisons there so we popped in and they were there in the noodle section. We are going to have some Tues, which will be our fast day this week.

(Susan Mochrie) #404

Must hunt down those noodles to try!

I have actually managed to loose a few pounds!
I gave up milk and drink black tea as a hot beverage.

For breakfast I eat brunch. A salad of either beansprouts or sauerkraut with pickles, beetroot and whatever raw veg I have and maybe left over thinly sliced meat, or an egg. I’ve stopped buying nuts for now and cut right back on cheese.

(Grimm Exhibition) #405

Your food looks good, is sauerkraut nice?
I think I may be gluten intolerant(as well as lactose intolerant)so just went ot buy some gluten free food to try and see if i feel any better after eating it.

(Susan Mochrie) #406

Its the 1st time I’ve tried sauerkraut, found it in Sainsburys. When I first opened the jar, didn’t like the smell, but I left it in the fridge for a couple of days and it seemed much better. I think it keeps for ages, like pickles. The texture gives the salad body and fullness. Only 22cals per 100 grams. It has a finely shredded texture which I like and not too vinegary.

Edit, forgot to say, it has very few ingredients, mostly cabbage!

(Liz Dyson) #407

Grimm, the inability to process gluten is an auto-immune disease where your body is attempting to digest itself and where some long term irreversible damage can be done. You need a blood test and an endoscopy to diagnose it - I’d call at the docs first before you start buying GF products, which are very expensive. When my daughter came back from uni 2 weeks ago, I spent about £40 on GF stuff and have had to keep topping it up every few days. Also, if you are sent for an endoscopy, you need to have eaten gluten every day for at least 6 weeks for the damage to be identifiable.

(Susan Mochrie) #408

My Mom had a tropical disease which mimicked Coeliacs, there are some unusual symptoms. She wasted some time buying lots of gluten free foods.

Sorry to bore everyone with today’s breakfast, lol!
I had raw cabbage to use up, so I simmered it with mushrooms and spring onions, then used the liquor to make a 44calorie chicken noodle cup soup, with added lemon juice, parlsley and cayenne, then served it all in a bowl, yum!

(Sasha Garrett) #409

Grimm - a friend of mine thought she was gluten intolerant but after learning how to make bread from me and switching to making her own she realised that her problems were caused by the amount of yeast and other improvers that are shop bought bread. Its really not hard to make your own bread so give it a go (and a bag of bread flour and a pot of yeast isn’t very expensive).

(Plumporridge) #410

I’m picking up lots of good ideas from this thread, thank you everyone!

We had our Barenaked noodles this evening and thought they were very good. We had them in a turkey and vegetable stir fry, using a Weight watchers stir fry sauce. I weighed everything to make sure of the calories and at only 226, it was quite a good size meal. And very tasty. I wouldn’t have known the difference between the Barenaked noodles and ordinary rice noodles, so I’ll definitely use them again for fast day.

(Grimm Exhibition) #411

My scales are teasing me again saying Im 12st 4lb(from 13st) dare I believe them? I cant say Ive been eating well.

(Sasha Garrett) #412

What does the tape measure say?

(Plumporridge) #413

I went to Holland and Barret today and bought Slim Rice, less than 20 calories for a 270g serving. I’m sort of thinking of an egg fried rice for next weeks fast day, perhaps with plenty of stir fry veg. Wondering whether to cook it in the microwave or stir fry it with the one-cal spray.

(Grimm Exhibition) #414

I saw those H&B items advertised, I was tempted. Let us know if they are nice.

@SashaGarrett waist is 2" down, belt can be done up on 1 extra notch and I can fit into 2 dresses I couldnt fit into.

(Deborah Jones) #415

Sounds like what you’re doing is really making a difference Grimm. Well done !

I am hoping to start trying again now, it is shocking how fast fitness diminishes, being out of action with an injury for a month. Just walking the dog up a hill had me puffing today.

(Sasha Garrett) #416

So @GrimmExhibition we are going to be believing the scales and that you’ll be wearing the flamingo skirt in a couple of months then :grinning:

(Grimm Exhibition) #417

@DeborahJonesJewellery Im so unfit, I keep telling myself to stop being lazy and start to (try to) run but it doesnt happen.

@SashaGarrett One day, maybe.

(Sasha Garrett) #418

Less of the maybe Grimm, lets go with eventually instead.

(Plumporridge) #419

That’s fantastic!

(Liz Dyson) #420

Another weigh in day and things are moving in the wrong direction! I’ve been eating carbs and have put 2lb straight back on, so as soon as I take my daughter back to uni on Saturday, I will be able to get back to the low carb life and will hopefully shift those pesky 2lbs.