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2016 Diet/healthy eating

(Sarah Lambert) #61

Thanks Danielle @VioletJewellery I don’t have trouble binging on chocolate sadly!:innocent:

Yes Susan @dottiedesigns I think it may be- I’ve had a bit of gouda in an omelette with a couple of Linda Mccartney sausages tonight, I wondered if I hadn’t been eating enough protein as I’ve had nearly all fruit and veg lately except fort the porridge (and the chocolate) . The thirst has lessened but I’ve drank about 3 pints of water today.

(Grimm Exhibition) #62

Ive put ON 5lbs!!
The nurse suggested its muscle weight, I do think it may be muscle weight as my jobs very physical and in some ways I do feel stronger, but its so annoying that ive been eating well and less etc (generally feeling very hungry) and have put on weight:o(

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #63

Is your body shape improving though? I have the same issue at the moment, my weight is holding steady/I’m losing half a lb a week some weeks but I’m losing inches and feeling stronger still which is what’s important to me x

(WoollyPops) #64

Hi all. Just wanted to contribute and say, im on slimming world at the mo. Started end of Jan and am now 1st 8lbs down in just over two months. You know its not as hard as i thought it would be (i love to eat!!!) Lol if you eat your free foods you can consume as much as you want. I think ive bought shares in Muller and fruit teas! But im positive :blush: its the easiest diet (dirty word :stuck_out_tongue:) ive been on. Now looking to join a gym to get active.

(Grimm Exhibition) #65

@VioletJewellery Im sure my body is changing, my double chin(yuck, sorry) isn’t as big. I can make another notch in my belt (which would be a 3rd notch reduction in about 9 months), I wore a skirt Ive had for years recently and Im sure it was hanging differently, and its hanging below my knees which makes me think it has less around my waist to be held up by.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #66

That’s fantastic! I wouldn’t be bothered by the gain in weight then in that case, it sounds like you’re doing amazing. I need to exercise more, the diet is going well but I don’t want to start being saggy which I know I will be if I don’t do some toning!

(Grimm Exhibition) #67

You could try aqua aerobics. I was told I was more toned when I did that a few years back.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #68

I quite fancy that. There’s a dance work out group in our local community centre too which could be a lot of fun

(Sarah Lambert) #69

I got into a old 14 top the other day- so the top half of me is shrinking, but I’m not absolutely sure it’s not just heading south as I still feel triangular :flushed:

(Grimm Exhibition) #70

@VioletJewellery Theres something new called clubercise that’s started near me, like a rave complete with darkness and glow light thingies to wave about, its quite tempting.
You should try the dance work out group, if you don’t like it you don’t have to go again.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #71

Funny you should say that because I’ve found one near me too. I’m waiting for my gcse kids to be done with after school sessions so that my evenings are mine again :slight_smile:

(Bojanglies) #72

Ha! Clubercise sounds awesome!!

(Altaira Webb) #73

I’ve treated myself to both the Deliciously Ella books and today I tried out the stuffed chestnut mushroom recipe from her first book, oh my they were so delicious that I wished I’d made more! Tomorrow I’m trying out a baked sweet potato recipe for my tea, really looking forward to it!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #74

I lost 4.5lbs this week! I went back to basics and wrote everything I ate down because I was sure I was forgetting food and thinking I had syns remaining, turns out I was right and I was using too many syns on forgotten food! I feel newly determined now :slight_smile:

(Grimm Exhibition) #75

Wow! Well done, whats a syn?

(Sarah Lambert) #76

Yes I wondered what a syn was too- is it a treat?

I write everything down and count calories, some things have a lot more calories than I realised- things like oranges for instance.

I had my fortnightly measure the other day and lost half inch from bust and waist again but nothing from bum :unamused:

(Grimm Exhibition) #77

Did anybody hear that the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories consumed may be put on food packets. I think its a great idea. I think it would deter us more and make us choose healthier options.

(Grimm Exhibition) #78

I just made another notch on my belt, Ive gone down 3 notches. Still a looooong way to go.

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #79

A syn is a way of eating sugary fatty foods on slimming world. You get 15 a day in addition to all of the lovely free foods you can eat like potatoes, pasta, fruit, veg, lean meat, fish, rice…Syns are supposed to stop you feeling deprived on slimming world and I have to say it does work. I lost 4.5 lbs last week :slight_smile: just 1.5lbs until I reach 3 stones loss!

(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #80

That’s fantastic! well done!