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E mail from Stripe

They have now asked for my birth certificate, next will be my marriage certificate as now have a different name.

They’re certainly putting you through the mill! I have just received an email from them saying that my tax certificate for September through Folksy is now available. I have no idea what this is or why I need it, so haven’t clicked on the link.

Well now they want my marriage certificate!

I think they’re putting together a CIA dossier on you!

That’s strange I also don’t have a current passport or a drivers licence (which brought my Amazon handmade shop to a halt as they couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to pay for a passport I wasn’t going to use for the forseeable future!!

It’s a very very useful downloadable document as a PDF which tells you how much you pay Stripe each month. Amazingly useful for your accounts.

You really should check it… to make sure it is a correct record.

Thanks so much for explaining that Joy. I have only made one sale through Stripe, but will download the document and keep for my records. I keep my own tally of incomings and outgoings, commissions etc, and I’ll file it in my receipts. Good job you keep an eye on us newbies!

By coincidence my email popped in right that minute. I download the pdfs into a folder and enter the Stripe fee total, together with the Paypal figure I extract from a monthly downloaded transaction spreadsheet, into my account spreadsheet. Deducted against my tax. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Update still no verification, leaving until a Monday then closing my Stripe account.

Emailed Folksy support to let them have details. I know they cannot do anything but think they should be aware. Turns out I a, not the only one.

Update given up as they now want Government id Which we do not hold in this country. Have also asked a Folksy to remove Stripe from my account. Just hope they send me the last sale I had through them.

Then again they may say I have laundered £5

Forgot to say talking to some business managers I used to work with and told them about this, they think it could be to do with value, ie not generating big business for them anf we are small fry. Maybe wrong but does make you wonder. They also said they never look at people for money laundering under £10000 as not worth the time and effort. Perhaps Stripe are trying to get rid of us!

Just looked at theie FB page and oh boy I am not alone by a long stretch. It seems they are targeting small fry business so perhaps my ex colleagues are right we are just too small for them and they are being told to get rid of us by making it as difficult as possible.

Thanks for updating on the ongoing struggle. I would guess that your last post hits the nail on the head and they are more interested in the big revenue generators rather than small businesses such as Folksy members. It’s a real shame. As I have only generated 14p for them in my one sale through Stripe I expect I will be on their list. I noticed on my account that my Stripe status was ‘no further documents needed at the moment’. The key phrase being ‘at the moment’ !

My account is now closed, they sent me an email stating they were sorry that Stripe was not a good fit for me at this moment. They are a shower and looking at reviews they are getting rid of small business and making it as difficult as possible for us to remain.

I sent them the alternatives but that was not good enough so they can go and do one. No more stress from nincompoops.


Hello everyone! I’m a newbie and just came across this thread which I find interesting. Just in the process of setting up my shop now and tried to link to Stripe but they’ve refused me saying that from the look of my shop I’m high risk! I was a tad upset and demoralised at this…but I’m still going to plug away. Not the best start I must say.

Sorry you had this Susan I had no end of trouble with them and now only use PayPal and can now send invoices through SumUp if needed.

@SusanBettyArt One thing I would notice is that you don’t have a privacy policy set up in your shop, and I’ve seen mention that Stripe might require this.

Thank you. I’m over it now and will keep going. I thought it was a bit much to say no without offering any guidance. Onwards though. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. So much to learn! Have a fine weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to look at where I could be going wrong. I really appreciate it and will get on the case!

Tbh I would have thought that as Stripe have an agreement with Folksy they should accept anyone selling on here - might just be a mistake. Interesting about privacy policy as I seem to have one but I certainly didn’t write it - must just be a standard one presumably supplied or suggested by Folksy when all the GDPR stuff came in.

Although I am a bit wary of Stripe I’ve had quite a lot of my sales this way with no issues - so far. Might be worth asking Folksy admin for advice on what issue might be and trying again as I’m sure it won’t be anything personal.

Good luck and hang in there :grinning:

…really like your work btw. Really beautiful and interesting and can see it doing well here. Have you got dimensions on all your textile listings as I didn’t notice on the ones I looked at? - apologies if I’m just missing this … I’m good at overlooking stuff.