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E mail from Stripe

I was with them on here for months, then they asked for photo identification. I hold nothing with my photo on got so frustrated left them and no way will I be going back. Reviews of Stripe on their Feb page is dreadful. Some US ladies I have known for years reckon they are a shower.

Bless you! You’ve given me a real boost. To be honest I think it was my fault as I was so keen to start the ball rolling that I applied to Stripe really early and my shop must have looked a bit half baked. Thanks for reminding me about dimensions. I’ll revisit this.

Much appreciated. Happy Saturday to you.

Hi @SusanBettyArt,

I had the same issue with Stripe and got really upset, as I couldn’t see that my little shop was high risk, and that they refused to explain why. I’m a bit disappointed as two sales before Christmas wanted to use their cards, we sorted out bank transfers in the end… but it didn’t look very professional. Anyway, over it now, but wanted to let you know that you’re not alone :smiley::smiley: Jane

Thank you for your response. Something like that can knock you for six. But I’m thankful for the supportive messages received from sellers on Folksy. They are rude and unhelpful…I received no further details from them. BUT…I’m just going to spend time on getting my shop the way I want it. And enjoy it in the process. I might try again at a later stage…but for now, I don’t need them, thanks again for taking the time to help me.

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When I had a query with Stripe I found that the reply from their software robot, which began with the words: ‘Thanks for reaching out to us…’ turned me off so much that I just didn’t want to deal with them! We all know that most responses are automated, but to try to pretend some emotional connection made me shudder - especially as their response didn’t deal in any way with the issue I raised. It would be lovely if we could deal with real people from time to time.


Can’t even get into stripe. They’ve blocked me off. Unfortunately rebelsmarket and now depop are going down the stripe root. Emailed them, surprise no answer. Complained in their fb page no answer there either

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