Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JULY 2020

All caught up again. @TheChrisArtist your gorgeous paintings make me want to visit all those lovely places. @wonkycowcrafts your pudding names get me giggling every time :rofl: :joy: @MaxPringJewellery I absolutely love those earrings! Wish I’d thought of that design :grin:
Here’s mine for today, I’m going with earrings too…


Why is it that I only get sales on Folksy when I’m not doing the daily listing challenge? I might have to miss August! Well, at least the craft shops and galleries are starting to reopen and I’ve had a few offline sales to bring my confidence back.


Listed this doggy face mask and some using a lovely Tilda fabric today. Can’t get the hang of these links. How to make a big photo link to the item?


Terrible headache today, so just popped in to catch up and add this relist

stars bracelet 3


Ps. I’ll catch up on loves while I watch Married at first sight later. I did a load this morning too. I was busy yesterday choosing a new bathroom so had a lot to catch up on!


@CoralRoseCrafts Sarah put together some brilliant instructions with pictures to make it idiot proof - you can find them here How to create a large clickable photo in your forum posts


Some gorgeous earrings on the thread lately! I have pointed some out to my hubby! Lol!

My item for today I have called nebula

Natalie x


Your wish is my command @CreationsforTinyTots :grin:

Here is my haul for yesterday, I was out for about an hour. As you can see aqua and clear are the most common colours but I find quite a lot of greens and teal colours too, I am very happy to find cobalt blues and the pink one is the first I’ve ever found as it’s one of the rarest colours … not many pink glass bottles made!! :laughing:

I only collect glass that has been smoothed by the action of the sea and it takes 30 - 50 years to get that lovely frosting and smooth shape. Anything too sharp I collect in my ‘rubbish’ bag along with plastics and other rubbish which goes in the nearest bin!

The best beaches to find sea glass are pebble-y beaches, so it can be quite a task to find sometimes and I’ve found that oddly if I find a piece of glass, within a foot there’ll be another piece!! bizarre. Sandy beaches are best for slate and also throw up the most plastic and rubbish as these are generally the more grockle-y beaches. :anguished:

Anyway I’ll stop yapping on about sea glass :shushing_face:

Thanks for the pudding love @TheChrisArtist and @aamjewellery … you can’t beat a good pud!! :yum:


All caught up to here.

Another busy day at work so once again another relist from me. Hope everyone has had a good day. I will be back again tomorrow. x



Good evening everyone. Finally got here.

I mentioned my washer/dryer earlier in the month which developed a fault at the end of April. I have cover with D&G. After 3 call outs the fault still exists. Numerous emails to customer service, then numerous emails and phone calls to complaints, still no joy ( I am basically being ignored) so today a strongly worded email to the CEO and if I get no response there it will be the ombudsman. I’m so angry :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Today’s listing

All loved and pinned to here.


Loved and pinned to here. Have a great evening everyone.


Love a bit of sea treasure chat - I also collect sea glass and sea pottery with a view to including in jewellery but haven’t done much with it other piling it up and making one pendant. I’ve been experimenting with melting the non-frosted stuff to make beads and cabochons but got distracted with this challenge. I’ve also got a big pile of driftwood as was going to make jewellery stands for craft fair displays but that’s also currently abandoned. Interesting what you say about pebbly areas and finding them close to each other - I find the same - it’s like they get thrown up in drifts. I’ve had to stop myself picking up seagull feathers - a step too far :grinning:


Oh I do love your work, everytime I see a piece always giggle out loud :laughing: and no exception to this one, love it :heart_eyes:


Another new listing today seahorse pendant


I’m crossing my fingers for some very swift action and a ‘where would you like us to put this new washing machine we’re gifting you madam?’ - good luck! :shamrock:


Good evening all, still editing photos :smirk:, so listing today is this make-up or small wash bag, made from leftovers from a larger bag.

@cariadcrafts11 thank you for your kind words on my hair accessories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @JERJewellery hope you headache goes soon, not nice.

All loved :heart_eyes: up to here.


What’s the make of your washer/ dryer Carol?
I’ve got insurance through D&G with mine but when I book an appointment for an engineer it goes directly to Hotpoint and that’s who I have to deal with. (I can’t fault them for their quick repairs although I do often wonder of they fix it properly as it does break down about twice a year!!) It;s getting harder for them to get the parts, so I’m hoping they will say they have to replace it one day…lol!


Evening everyone - I’ve got a lot to catch up on today!

12 sales to add to the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery x

My listing today is for a little Love pendant:


Ah, a fellow sea treasure nut!! I knew there must be some on these threads!!!
It’s so addictive and absorbing isn’t it, my hours hunt yesterday was very quick, I usually like to be out for 2 or 3 hours or until the tide says “for goodness sake woman … go home” :laughing:
:rofl: :rofl: I had to laugh about what you said about the sea gull feathers … today I picked up, yes you’ve guessed it two beautiful feathers!! I think they’re from crows/ravens or similar! they have the most amazing iridescent colours in them. Of course I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do with them … how many times have I said that!!


Oh Thank you @TinkATextiles that’s really kind xx Glad you like my puds and they give you a giggle :laughing: