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How did you learn your craft?

(Silvapagan) #82

Gran taught me to knit when I was 7, and then to crochet a bit later. I learnt sewing from my mum and we were also taught at primary school, I made a rag doll for myself. I also learned macrame and mosaic at primary school. I did CSE needlework at secondary school, and we also did pottery.

My granddad bought a subscription to the Busy Needles part-work for me when I was about 10, so I’ve tried everything in those magazines at some point over the past 3 1/2 decades.

Self-taught artist, but I’ve done a few evening classes and a foundation art course (mainly so that I could practice life drawing which I love).

Did an evening class in glass/lead work. Self taught jewellery making (dad taught me to solder though).

Self-taught to spin, but that’s in the genes anyway.

Self-taught to make baskets and other items with willow withies.

Jack of all trades, mistress of some :slight_smile:

(Tabitha Martin Green) #83

I was taught to sew by my mother and I am teaching my daughter to sew but I am always learning as you never know everything !

(Jewelsin Harmony) #84

As a child I made jewellery from seeds, learnt knitting from my mother and embroidery from my granny. At school I excelled at dressmaking but an injury prevented me from continuing with this. I learnt how to do cut card work in pewter. I love colour and once introduced to Fantasy Film in ‘Make and Sell Jewellery’ I was hooked. I enjoy overcoming the problems I encounter in this form of art.

(Nobias Art) #85

So who am I? I’ve been always keen to art, crafts, photography, nature, colors. Started as a kid when my twin sister and me turned every single bead what we had into something. I remember us making a “stall” from our bunk bed and “visiting” each others “shop”. Still makes me laugh and my heart filling with happiness when I think about those moments.
I always carried on crafting, but sometimes my other passion, photography was the main thing in my life. I have started to do more crafty projects and started designing when we moved to Scotland in 2010 with my better half, purely because I could not find any jewelry which I liked. I’ve started making brooches, accessories from felt and had a passion towards buttons which I have got from my beloved auntie who looked after me my twin sister and me when we were kids. Made us stitch all different buttons on fabrics, making cross stitch patterns for us.
As you see designing and creating were always in my blood, just waited for the best moment to come out and now here I am, running my own shop. Or trying:P With your help my dream can definitely come true:)

(Teresa-Jane Ball) #86

I have taught myself how to do all my crafts :wink: I love using wire in my Murals and Glass beads,mirrors anything that will look nice and shiny on the Murals,i also taught myself to bead embroider the Brooches.xx

(WoollyPops) #87

I learned to knit from my mum :slight_smile: it had to be later in life when we had a lot more patience however but I know she has the knowledge if I ever need it. From mums tips I learned through books and the internet constantly querying things I didn’t know. Crochet came later. I bought a DK book hoping to self teach but I just couldn’t get it! I asked the mother in law as she used to crochet and sell blankets when she was younger but even having a teacher didn’t help. Finally I watched a video by Bella Coco on YouTube how to crochet a granny square and it all clicked! Now I can crochet American and uk patterns and have broadened my scope from simple granny squares to complex amigurumi.

(Kei Maye) #88

I taught myself how to use a sewing machine around 6 months ago. I had been creating prints digitally for years, and wanted to make them into tangible objects, and learn how to do this myself, instead of bunging it off to a manufacturer!
A lot of it was trial and error, and also YouTube and many blogs to help with any technical issues.

(craftyalison) #89

my mum taught me how to knit when I was younger,i did embroidery at school and as for cross-stitch & cardmaking my partner kevin his sister maria taught me.

(craftyalison) #90

I also taught myself how to crochet

(The Crafty Otters Holt) #91

When we lived in Thornton Heath, my lovely next door Neighbour taught me to knit when I was 5. Apart from bits we did at school, I am mostly self taught and have had a go at most things. I did O’level Embroidery at School.

Nowadays, I mostly knit or crochet. My Favourites are Jean Greenhowe. I was introduced to these when I introduced the craft side to my B&M shop which I sadly had to give up due to health reasons.

I now run it from home on here and the website.

Here are some of the toys I have made


(Rachel) #94

For knitting, sewing and crochet I learnt at mum and granny’s knee for the rest courses and books have been the way forward. I seem to be really lucky, here in Lancashire a lot of the industry has gone from the mills, so the mills have rebranded themselves in many different ways. Three months ago I attended a course on fused glass and today I did my first silver smith course. In three hours I learnt to make this pendant - yes I know the top isnt straight but it was my first attempt. :smiley:
The lady who taught me has a shop on here “Angie Da Silva”

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(PearlsAndPebbles) #95

I was taught how to make Jewellery by my aunt who runs a successful craft shop. I’d been unwell for a while & unable to work so she thought it would be good for me to learn jewellery making so I could sit & make pieces when I felt well enough & I really enjoy it. X.

(Donna) #96

I’m mostly self taught, I’m very lucky that I had a Grandmother who used to buy me craft kits and tell me over the top of her glasses “You’re quite capable of learning how to do this yourself Donna!” It turnes out she was right lol The only thing I’ve tried and not been able to do is knitting. x

(Alexandra Looney) #97

I don’t remember ever not sewing! I taught myself a lot, though I remember starting with cross stitch with my Mum as a young girl. I taught myself needle felting and knitting and eventually found someone who could get me to understand crochet, too.

(Louise Jones) #98

I am self taught with most of the crafts that I make and think the best way is to get a book and have a go, however, that said I have just enrolled on a one day silver ring making course which I am really excited about :smile:

(Jewelsin Harmony) #99

I learnt to use Fantasy Film from a magazine but as there are no books on it I taught myself how to turn this into more than just having a bit of craft fun. Instead of craft wire I use silver plated wire in thinker sizes to give body to my pieces. Sinc that I have added Preciosa crystals and Fairy Dust from Crystal Parade. This has brought my work to life and enabled me to make corsages for hair, (on bands, clips and combs) and for lapel handbag and wrist. I also make jewellery with it too and this has brought me my very own style and skill. It is not an easy medium to work in but it is tremendous fun and the results are qite stunning!!!.

(CopperTobi) #100

Books and then my friend (cardmaking) plus bit of pinterest and youtube (jewellery) - but mostly books and magazines :slight_smile:

(jal) #101

By trial and error mostly! I was hopeless at sewing at school and spent most of my needlework lessons being unpicked in the staff room (sewed my project to my school skirt!). I love sewing now and have learned embroidery techniques through books and magazines. I’ve just discovered stump work and like putting my own twist on the things I learn. I think it’s very important to be self-critical when you try to teach yourself. Many things I’ve made have been consigned to the bin!

(Jacqueline Moore) #102

I did sewing at school but did not enjoy it, started working for an accountant and one of the staff said I should concentrate on sewing and sell my items.So here I am having studied at Exeter college in 1991, I love making new items out of unusual fabrics but have to remember that everything has to be perfect to sell well.All my family are artistic and I would love to draw nature but never have the time.

(Andie) #103

I’m self taught in most things to be honest. I did needlework at school to A level, taught myself to cross stitch from a magazine after Uni. From there progressed to card making by making cross stitch cards, then I refound colouring in! So my cards are now made by stamping the image and then colouring in using alcohol markers - alot of tips picked up from a certain crafty shopping channel.Although I did a bit of patchwork - EPP- at school, machine piecing I’ve learned from books and magazines, and a lot of trial and error!