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How Do I turn off stripe payments on Folksy

I’ve got a customer that can’t pay through my stripe account and I’ve just has so many issues from word go, that I want to take off the option of card payments (even though this would be majorly useful to me)

Does anyone know how to do it - I can’t seem to figure it out.

It would have been useful to have been able to contact Stripe customer support by phone but no such option.

It;s just been a hassle since the get go - I’m so fed up with it.

I even asked Folksy support twice to verify that the account was connected as I had to delete the account and start again when they wanted passport verification bu they didn’t let me know and now this mess-up. Embarrassing for me!

On the drop down menu after selecting dashboard, there’s a card payments section.
When I click on that I can see reset card payments.
I daren’t click any further incase I bodge something up, but I wonder if there’s something on there to disable it.

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Well, I’ve just gone into reset payments and tried to connect my account (even though it said connected and verified all along)
It;s says connected to Folksy (AGAIN) - so I’m going to set up a test listing for myself - what a palava!

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OMG - it worked!! I’ve managed to pay myself by Stripe!! Hope my customer gives it another go.

Sorry - I’m over my paddy now!! lol x

Thanks for the help Karen @karenscraftybitz xx


I noticed your test listing and logged on to make sure you were ok! Hehe :slight_smile: hopefully everything will work for you now!

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Aww - thanks Sarah @SarahDesignsUK :heart_eyes: I honestly was having a big paddy over it! I’m OK now -A couple of chocolate biscuits )and the fact that I seem to have sorted the problem) have managed to soothe all my troubles!!


Glad you got it sorted out. :smiley:

Karen x


It is worth letting admin know via email as many details about the issue your customer had as possible that way they can keep an eye on it all and if there does seem to be a reoccurring issue get stripe to fix it.
(and chocolate biscuits should be part of every first aid kit)

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By the way, a seller on another thread said that when she had emailed Stripe with a problem, they had phoned her back, so it does seem to be possible to talk to them - provided they choose to make contact!

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Thanks everyone - my seller did persevere with the sale and was very nice about it and it all went through this Morning.

I think the problem for me was that I had to delete my first Stripe account (because I had been chosen randomly for the extra verification. I didn’t want to send my driving license details and I don’t have a passport )and set up a new Stripe account which said it was connected to Folksy and all verified.
When I deleted the first account, it still said connected on Folksy even though there was no account. So when I connected the new Stripe account - it still said connected but I had no idea if it actually was - it turns out that it wasn’t!

I should have been savvy enough to have done a test sale to myself when I connected the new account but I didn’t - d’oh!

My Card Payment Status still says “connected” even though I cancelled straight after joining because they were pressing for more verification!

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I think that’s a problem that Folksy need to know about then if it’s happened to you too…I’ll contact Folksy@supprt about it

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Of course now you are in a great position to see what happens if you cancel an order paid by Stripe :slight_smile:

This is interesting as I haven’t had the confidence to use Stripe so haven’t enabled it. What is the general feeling about it? is it worth doing?

Hi everyone

I havent yet set up card payments, for those that have is it fully working with no issues ??


Almost all my sales have come via stripe since it was enabled, the payments have started to trickle into my bank account without a hitch. I made my first partial postage refund via it the other day, and that all seemed to go smoothly, although it said it could take 10 days to arrive with the customer. I guess if full refunds took that long the customer might get upset, unless they got an email saying it was pending - like on paypal.

So far so good.

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I don’t think I would be at all happy to do a refund that takes so long. My customers often thank me for the prompt refund of the excess postage and as I know I will do the refund as soon as I can get to my pc after receiving a multi item order I don’t bother than these often generate too much postage. But if it takes up to 10 days that’s pretty rubbish. Would be interested if anyone can find out exactly how long they do take to get back to the customer.

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Hi Dottery Pottery I am having exactly the same problems and I too want to know how to take of my shop. I really wish I hadn’t allowed stripe payments.


Please let me know if you manage to disable Stripe…Thank you Lynda

Hi Lynda - it was a pain but I managed to connect the new stripe account that I set up. x