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How to connect your Folksy shop to Instagram Shopping

Cool…I have sent you the info. See what magic you can do :grinning:

Hi Camilla @folksycontent

After having email ping pong with support, all looks good. FB business dashboard looking OK, and I have the shop option in IG - so will give it a go! I can tag products ok in the squares…so, looks all good!

Thanks for your help - great support!

Hi Sarah. We’re still trying to work out a fix for this so I’ve just spoken to our developer Doug and he’s asked if you could you try verifying it again but this time using your shop URL -ie - and then send the Meta Tag that Facebook gives you to our Support team at

We’ll see if we can add it to your shop header for you.

Hi there Camilla,
I don’t think you can verify anything with slashes in, I can try and verify but that won’t match my RSS feed. :slightly_frowning_face:

Ah ok. Doug’s explained that the domain I thought might work won’t because it’s a redirect. I’ll let him know it won’t allow slashes and see what he can come up with.