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Instagram and twitter showing off products items all at once or spacing

(ShakerTraditions) #1

Hi there. I have joined instagram and twitter and seem to have a basic understanding for them now! We have 9 new products which I would like to put on both a instagram and twitter and possibly Pinterest.

My question is do I put all nine products on there in one go in one day or do I drip feed? If I drip feed over how longer period should I do it?

Also I have noticed on instagram and twitter I can’t put more than one photo on one post? Unlike Facebook where you can put more than one. Isn’t this a shame? As I will have to be highly selective. But I guess it’s just a opening to them look up the folksy shop?

Last question! Can I hastag a link to our shop? Or do I just put the http?

Such a novice! Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you :smiley:

(Rachel) #2

I am not sure what I am doing with either of these (I use pinterest more) but I click the link from my shop to Twitter or put a photo on and then paste the url. For instagram I #shopname as I havent found a way to do anything else then #folksy #folksyhq and #folksywip

There is another thread about instagram with a guide to hashtags by another shop keeper on here.

(Karen Johnson) #3

I’m guessing you’d be best to drip feed @ShakerTraditions as there’ll be more to keep people’s attention over time. Ionsider myself a novice though and will also be greatly interested in any replies you get! Nice quality work, good luck with things!

(Ali Millard) #4

On Instagram, I would definitely drip feed your photos one at a time. 1 or 2 a day is fine & spread them out so that 1 is in the morning and 1 in the evening for example. Posting a load of photos all in one go is considered to be spamming on Instagram.
I would also try to mix your photos up so they are not just of your products, the more interesting you make your Instagram feed the more chance people will follow you. I would link your Instragram feed to Twitter too, so that when you post on Instagram it automatically posts to Twitter.
With regard to hashtags. Post you picture on Instagram then add your #'s in to the comments box below. You can add up to 30, but apparently 11 is the golden number, have a look at the folksy blog as there is a guide on there about #'s

(Susannah Ayre) #5

I would agree with @millyandpip regarding the drop feeding on Instagram- as well as posting other things as well. People who simply use Instagram as an advertisement tool don’t tend to gather much interest as it just becomes incredibly boring and predictable. I will follow people who do put in work they’re selling- but I also enjoy seeing wip photos as well as jst random photos in general. If people only simply post what they sell I eventually unfollow.

Same with Twitter- I’m not a fan of people linking their Instagram photos to their Twitter as when you click on them it takes you to IG and I don’t want that so never click them. But I will look if the photo has been uploaded specifically to Twitter. But again- same rules for using it as an advertisement to be honest. I’ve found them much more successful if people can see you’re an actual person and not just a robot saying ‘this is for sale on Folksy’

Definitely use the hashtags- I much prefer Instagram for this as I find the hashtags really helpful. A lot of people simply search for photos due to the hashtag so think about a selection that capture what you’ve photographed. You can’t have links in your Instagram posts though. Only Twitter.

I used to love Twitter but now I definitely prefer Instagram- though I have found them both useful platforms for showcasing my work.

Good luck!!

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #6

Thank you for posting this (although you’re really not talking/speaking to me :slight_smile: ) It’s really useful to hear what you’re finding helpful. I’m afraid I’m yet another new person to all of this.

(Karen Ellam) #7


I’m no expert, but I personally prefer to drip feed posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…
I try not to come across as too spammy. I’m trying to mix posts too. Some are work in progress photos and abit of banter, so it’s not all items for sale related.


(Kim Blythe) #8

You can put more than 1 photo on your post on Twitter…once you have loaded one picture click on media again and load another…

(ShakerTraditions) #9

Thank you @Glehcar will look at that article. Like you jewellery.

(Sally Eira) #10

hi- i think drip feed and perhaps space with some differnt types of posts.
you can post multiple photos on twitter - wait for one to load then add the next

(ShakerTraditions) #11

Thank you @MillieMoth You are right I need to hold interest. I suppose it would be silly to use up all my photos as well. Good luck to you too. Your shop looks great.

(ShakerTraditions) #12

Great pointers. Thank you @millyandpip. I did not even think about the timing aspect. Or that about spamming. This social media is a whole new world to me! Really appreciate your reply.

(ShakerTraditions) #13

Thank you very much for your advice @curiousseagull. Sorry to sound really naive but what is It mean? I have linked twitter and instagram together. Maybe I could review this. Gorgeous prints btw.

(ShakerTraditions) #14

It’s reassuring to know I am not the only one then @juliayorkdesigns

(ShakerTraditions) #15

Thank you @karenscraftybitz definitely going to get some work in progress shots too.

(ShakerTraditions) #16

Thank you very much @KBCreations I will look into this. This is particularly useful to us when we have close up photos of the one product.

(Fionajohn) #17

I’ve just recently started using Instagram, so still learning too. This is a link to something I’ve read which I found interesting- the same lady has also written something in the Folksy blog in September. Hope this is helpful to you. Like the others I decided to also include photos of home life rather than just my shop.

(ShakerTraditions) #18

Thank you very much @fionajohn shall have a good read. Good luck.

(Susannah Ayre) #19

IG? Sorry- it’s just Instagram. Haha I’m just a lazy typist as I use my phone for everything. Haha
Thank you for the compliment too- very kind. :blush:

I think people just find when they’re linked through so that when their Instgaram is updated it automatically sends it to Twitter as it just shows as a link a lot of people aren’t interested in clicking on it- and it doesn’t show up as a photo within Twitter- certainly not on a phone app anyway which is how I would think most people use it. Though when Instagram is linked to Facebook it’s not so bad as it just shows the photo as normal.
Personally I always put something a little different on everything because I know some people follow me on all three platforms and I don’t want to just come across as boring. I sort of find posting different things across the platforms also helps keep people interested.

Trial and error I guess. :blush:

(ShakerTraditions) #20

Ah @curiousseagull I did wondered what those links were on Twitter! And to be honest I did not click on them either for the same reasons. So that is a very good point. Definitely worth while to put in the extra time to hold greater interest. I did think that linking together was too good to be true! :wink: Thank you again for your time.