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My sales are slow - What am I doing wrong?

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #1

Hi folksy folks… I am working so hard on my folksy shop - always adding new items of my art and promoting my work on facebook too. My sales are very slow and even with an added 20% discount this doesn’t appear to be bringing in any more customers. Does anyone else struggle to get attention on folksy? Any tips on what I could do better?

I would be very grateful for any advice as I am becoming quite despondent.



(Rachel) #2

Hi maybe your biography takes customers to your etsy shop (you mention etsy not folksy). I enjoyed looking through your shop - Rachel

(Amberlilly) #3

No it’s just you have to bring your own customers here, so tweet your shop and link back to Folksy when you can. I’ve not sold anything here for a while.

(Christine E.) #4

Dare I say it?..I think generally Folksy buyers are quite conservative in their tastes and your work is fabulously off the wall! I know there are a few unconventional sellers on here who do OK, but as you seem to be on a few other sites anyway, perhaps Folksy is not the perfect outlet for your work…

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #5

Thanks Rachel. I will check out my biography and change the etsy shop to folksy.

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #6

Amberlily, where else do you sell your work? I’m on etsy too and with both folksy and etsy I am tweeting everyday to link back to my work.

Thanks for your reply


(Judith Sheila Dawson) #7

Hi Christine,

I hadn’t thought my work didn’t fit in with folksy but maybe you are right. Do you know of any other sites other than folksy and etsy which would suit my work better? I would be very grateful for your advice.


(Rachel) #8

What about joining something like the October Optimists, they are super supportive and helpful. Maybe that will help drive traffic your way?


(Judith Sheila Dawson) #9

Thank you Rachel.

I will join that too. :slight_smile:

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #10

I had a sale 2 weeks ago - 2 cushions for a lady who owns an estate agency. The cushions are now displayed on her sofa in the office.

(Christine E.) #11

I don’t know of any specifically, Judith, but when I was first looking to sell (I used to do paintings but more conventional than yours) I was looking at some sites that were more art-based than crafts. I was just thinking your work might appeal more to people looking for affordable modern art. But you should persevere with Folksy, it doesn’t cost much to run a shop on here and if you promote effectively your shop may well take off!

(Christine E.) #12

Sorry, don’t know how I managed to reply to myself there!

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #13

Hi Christine,

Thanks very much. I will persevere. If nothing else it is a great showcase for my work. I probably need to also check out more art related sites too.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #14

I think sometimes it just takes time to find your audience with quirky art.
I struggle, it’s only recently that I’ve had more regular sales on Folksy, Not lots and lots but a few scattered multiple item orders- but it’s picking up.
I wish I knew how to reach all those potential fans on the interweb. Persevere, once the right people find your work I’m sure your sales will pick up.

(Amberlilly) #15

Oh well? I’m with you then! As I’m on Etsy too. But you get browers there. I do have my own website where I send the odd buyer. Are you on Instagram? If not then give it a go.

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #16

Thanks very much for your encouragement… much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Judith Sheila Dawson) #17

Thank you…wishing you all the best too :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #18

hi there -
i think it is great for your work to be “off the wall” / unconventional on here as it means you stand out more.

I think it all just takes time and perseverance - using social media as much as you can and learning how to use it in the best way possible to get people to your shop.

(Brenda Cumming) #19

I agree, your work is excellent but it is “different” and I also agree to join in some of the games etc on the forums.
I also list a painting every day…after all, you have the plus account, so make use of it.
Also come and join us on the art chat thread each day…meet your fellow artists…we are a small and friendly bunch…
There is a new art chat thread that we start each week.

(Susannah Ayre) #20

I’ve learned with selling art you have to make a name for yourself.
I’ve been quite lucky- I have allowed things to grow organically and have taken full advantage of social media (though I’m selective in what I use) I don’t bombard them all- and sometimes don’t post anything for weeks.
I discovered a few months ago that I’ve built up quite a local following- I live in a seaside village just 6 miles from Newcastle and have discovered people have heard of me and my work- I’ve sold a lot locally- not through markets or anything, just through Facebook. The only ‘offer’ I run is free local delivery- literally within my postcode. People love meeting the artist too and asking questions so that’s maybe helped! They love knowing their new piece of art was made just down the road.
I have found sales- offers offering percentages off have never worked for me. I’ve always sold more without an offer (I have tested that theory a few times- but I’m not in a hurry to sell as I also work full time) I also believe that for now I’ve pitched my prices correctly. I want art to be affordable- I want everyone to be able to afford a piece of original art if they want- without having to go to places like Next and simply buy mass produced canvas pieces made in China for the same price- I make that clear to people too.

I sell through here, Etsy, Art Finder and framed pieces in a B&M shop in a wealthy village in Northumberland.
I used to sell through the Country Living Magazine shop (until recently) and I also make sales through Facebook and Instagram as well as my own website.
The problem with art specific websites now is a lot of them will only sell originals- so you may want to look into that for your original pieces.
But it’s definitely a case of experimenting! I have done a few specific arts & crafts fairs but simply to gauge my audience face to face- and it’s worked a treat.

At the moment with work and allowing my name to grow organically it means I simply make pieces when I fancy it- when I’m in the mood- I can go weeks sometimes months without adding anything new but this doesn’t seem to stop people buying.

I find learning about what makes it all work & what makes it all successful really interesting. I hope to quit my job one day for this- so I want to really understand what I’m doing. It’s fun finding these things out though! But takes constant experimenting!

Sorry for the long message!!