Photo Trouble

I have published a link to my FB page but the image is missing - so there maybe another issue.

Some of the pictures aren’t loading on the front page either…:roll_eyes:
@folksycontent @dougfolksy

I can’t add any photos this afternoon either plus some of my links aren’t showing any photos.

Yes I just looked at your page and no photo unless you click.

Definitely a photo problem again at the moment @dougfolksy xx

I’ve just tried uploading photo’s to a new listing but I am getting the red photo error picture.

Thanks for taking a look. Some times these things can be browsers specific.

i can not upload photo it say error

The photo error seems to be back.

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Yep! I was in the middle of listing something and can’t add a photo!

@dougfolksy there appears to be photo issues again. When I go to load a photo I get an error message.

The front page isnt loading fully and most of my photos in my shop! What’s occurring??

@dougfolksy I can’t upload photos for my new listing :cry:

Has anyone emailed with details of the issue? That is more likely to get checked at this time of day compared to the forum.

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Argh sorry about this. I’ve alerted Doug!


If in doubt always email us at urgent! Doug usually gets auto system alerts for things like image problems but hasn’t been doing for this issue for some reason. He’s working on it!


I had problems yesterday and still no joy when I tried just now. Glad it’s not just me! Will try again later.

Thanks, will try :grinning:

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Should be fixed now! :crossed_fingers:


It is!!! Thank you x

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Toot :tada: