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Photo Trouble

(Joanne Joyce) #42

can’t load photo’s to my listings again @sianfolksy :frowning:

(Kim Blythe) #43

You need to email them at . They may not be looking at the forum out of hours.

(Ali Dufty) #44

This seems to be happening every few days , grr . I’m having problems too . Have reported though .

(Zoe Fowler) #45

I am getting fed up with this, I have just paid out for a Folksy plus account and since then have not been able to list many items. I waste my time writing out a description, go to add a photo only to find it won’t load! Two things I hate doing are wasting my time and money. Hope you get this fixed soon Folksy! I have e mailed urgent@folksy too

(Sasha Garrett) #46

@Zoknitandsew If you copy an existing listing it will copy all the old photos over, you can then change all the text for your new listing and hit the preview button - doing this saves it to your draft listings tab. You can then go in and add new photos and delete old photos - if there are issues with the image server you won’t be able to add the new photos but you won’t loose all the text as it is saved in drafts albeit with the wrong photos. Not as good as having a working image server I know but at least it saves the wasted time and frustration from writing a listing and then finding you can’t add photos and loosing it all.

(Zoe Fowler) #47

Thanks @SashaGarrett I will give it a go. I have spent so much time writing out lengthy listings and then losing them. I am fed up with keep going over the same ground and getting nowhere it is so frustrating! I have only sold one thing on here in 12 months and thought by getting a plus account and listing a good amount of items my shop and listings might get seen by more. It seems the gods are against me! Beginning to wish I hadn’t have bothered! Sorry, rant over​:angry: breathe and smile! :grin:

(Sasha Garrett) #48

Rants are fine - we all need them occasionally. The other option if you have started from a new listing and then found that you can’t load photos is to copy the description text to a word file and save that to be copied back to a listing when you can get photos to load - doesn’t help you with all those other boxes with drop down menus but it means you haven’t lost everything.

(Zoe Fowler) #49

@SashaGarrett tag words were a frustration, it is bad enough trying to come up with them let alone trying to remember them!

(Ali Dufty) #50

All seems sorted again now !!! for time being!!! Thanks for your intervention Sian @sianfolksy

(Sasha Garrett) #51

If need be you can highlight the tags in a listing (saved or unsaved doesn’t matter), then copy and paste special (unformatted text) into word to save for later. I haven’t found a way of bring them back to the listing all in one go so you would have to copy/ paste them back into a listing one at a time but it does save you having to remember what you came up with and if you have multiple similar listings you can copy/ paste from the list multiple times to save you from having to type out eg fabric coaster endlessly. (But the copying of a pre existing listing is definately quicker).

(Joanne Joyce) #52

I’m beginning to think it is every time I go to list something, I checked the pages were loading properly before I started listing and as soon as I start the photo’s go off :(. I think someone is trying to tell me something!

(Helen Healey) #53

I just managed to successfully list my item before it went again. My newly listed item is now sitting in pride of place in my shop with no photos!! This really is getting a bit tedious now, it’s happening with worrying regularity. I’m off to e-mail the urgent@folksy address.

(Kim Blythe) #54

Yes, this is happening far to often…very worrying…:roll_eyes: