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Share your High Fives!

(Deborah Jones) #663

I am really excited to have reached 1000 sales this morning.
When I opened my shop I was unconvinced that folk would buy designer jewellery online, so pleased to have been proved wrong.
Thank you Folksy x

(Sasha Garrett) #664

I’m part of a local open studios scheme and they put together a press release about science vs art featuring work and words by members who are (ex) scientists including me! The press release had been picked up by a couple of local online sites (including local secrets and today in paper form in the local glossy magazine

(Alas no mention of my folksy shop as it is meant to attract people to our studios but my profile page does link to my shop and I make sure I have a folksy logo displayed by my visitor book).
Fingers cross it will lead to an extra busy weekend and even more fordite commissions, I just need to find a copy of the magazine for my records.

(Alison Lee) #665

Hooray, sold two items yesterday to the same buyer, that takes my total to 7! I’m a slow starter!!

(Angela Harpham) #666

Would love to but no sales from Folksy for a while.

(Silvana Briers) #667

I get very few sales online (Folksy or etsy) as I sell mainly in person at craft fairs or in galleries but one design that I do sell everywhere is my sterling silver and copper sheep brooches.
This is the latest that is going to go off tomorrow morning

(Samantha Stanley) #668

Eeek! Screaming like a five year old because I finally made it onto the Folksy Best Sellers list in at 27. Thanks to all the help and support I have received on the Forum and through the Folksy Blog, I have to say :blush:

Sam xxx

(Zoe Fowler) #669

I have just made my first sale on Folksy! Hurray!!

(MadeintheTemple) #670

Well done, where do you find the list?

(Samantha Stanley) #671

As far as I am aware you can’t get there from the main Folksy menu. You have to google “Folksy Best Sellers” and the page will come up in your browser. Sadly I’m not on there any more. I need to make some more sales :wink:

Sam x

(MadeintheTemple) #672

Thank you I will go and take a look x

Kind regards,


(PetraBradleyPrints) #673

Hurraayy-me too, @PatchworkAllee , a slow starter, but up to no 5!

(Joanna Murray) #674

Just had my first sale - still feel very new to it all! :slight_smile:

(MilesByDesign) #675

We’ve finally reached the big 5-0. Made our 50th sale today and could not be happier. We still get that excited feeling every time a new sale comes up, as i’m sure you all must do.

Thanks to everyone for the likes and support, lets hope all us Folksy sellers continue with our successes :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,
Miles By Design

(Amy Archer) #676

I’ve just had my first Folksy sale! Only been open just less than 2 weeks :grin:, so excited for the next!

(Della Marie) #677

:grinning: Yaay - I’ve just been accepted for Craftjuice! After reading the forums I thought I should give it a try. I hope it will help me attain my first sale here on Folksy.

I’m not one for promoting on social media but I think I will have to try harder x

(Amy Archer) #678

Hi, that’s great news, what is craft juice? I haven’t come across it before

(PetraBradleyPrints) #679

Hurraayy, I am into double figures!
I showed a little clutch of lavender bags on the Folksy Group FB page last week, and a lovely customer bought them all!

(Della Marie) #680

Hi Amy,

I just came across it in the forums on a thread but the link seems to have disappeared that I read mine on
here is one link How to use Craftjuice?

It is a place to vote and promote each others work, I think it’s American? Here’s the direct link for you

(Amy Archer) #681

Thanks I will take a look :slight_smile:

(Rosemary Christie.) #682

I am so happy to say I have just had my 100th sale :grin: Thanks to folksy and to all of my customers of my jewellery. Rosie x