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👋 Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)

Welcome…there are lots of threads on this forum where we help promote each other…it’s worth joining in!

Just wanted to say hello, I’m new to Folksy and new to all this online selling. My name is Nina and I run NMS Hand Knits which pretty much does what it says on the can… I knit :slight_smile: in my case scarves and hats. I love knitting and as I need to work from home these days, in part due to a mobility issue, this seemed like the perfect solution.
I could use advice though about photographing colour, some of my wares look nothing like they do in real life, in the pictures… but them some are fine and I’m doing the same things for both???

Hope everyone had a smashing Christmas.

Hi everyone. I’m Martina and I opened my shop on here earlier this month. It’s called Stitches And Jewels. I make cross stitch pictures, cards, and keyrings. I also make Bead jewellery, and resin items, including jewellery, Bookmarks and more. I am still finding my way and haven’t quite figured out if I have set my shop up properly. Hopefully I have. I’ve spent most of yesterday and today listing items and I hope they will get some attention, and hopefully some sales at some point. Thanks for letting me join Folksy and this forum. Take care and hope you all have a happy new year.

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Hi there - Im new to Folksy. My shop is called Inspire Your Eyes and Im just beginning to load up listings as Im using Folksy to sell physical photographs as opposed to other sites where I sell digital downloads. Im just beginning to explore the site more and found Talk Folksy, which is great as Im always asking questions :grinning:

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Hi I’m Karen and I opened my shop in late November 2019, I design and make wire work and stranded gemstone jewellery. Still getting my head round things and any pointers will be most grateful, especially as it’s taken me all this time to find out how to get onto the Forums. Looking forward to interacting with others.

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Hello all, I have recently opened my shop and started listing. It’s here

I have been involved in many crafts over the years and textiles and polymer clay have been the ones that have been a constant. So I have listed some hair wraps, and will list a couple of tribal/hippy/belly dance headbands in the next few days. Also want to list macrame jewellery and possibly polymer clay dolls at some point. I am trying to make my photos better and they have improved with practice.

I’m a complete newbie and I’m sure it’s going to take me a long time to figure how all this works, but am excited to have taken the plunge.

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Hello there I am not really new as I already have a shop here, this one is a new shop opened today where I am copying over all of my knitted items to separate them from the jewellery. The shop could really do with a little bit of love if you have a bit of spare time. There are only 2 items in there at the moment but I will shortly move the rest of them over.

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Hi all,
I really hope I’m in the right place!
I’m new to Folksy and I am currently adding pieces to my shop.
I paint flower pots and canvases.
I am looking forward to getting to know a few folks on here,


Hello everyone! Just thought I’d drop in and introduce myself :slight_smile: My name’s Jenny and I run Inky in the Wild. Currently working my way through editing 260+ listings :upside_down_face: so may take some time before my shop is fully stocked but excited to get up and running and hopefully get my first sale on here :crossed_fingers: I’ve been selling on another platform for a few years now but one of my goals for 2020 was to expand, so here I am! Looking forward to getting to know some of you more. Here’s my (under construction) shop so far! Inky in the Wild



Just had a quick look, very nice… definitely a hint of Clarice Cliff in there… let’s hope you do as well :slight_smile:


Hi one and all from Yorkshire Rose Crafts. Just managed to get shop up and running with a few items, perhaps we have started some juices flowing re the chocolates.
Me and my partner Olive are oldies but we keep busy with our hobbies which keeps us out of mischief. :slightly_smiling_face:
Pop in and take a peek, more to follow later.

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Hi and welcome @yorkshirerosecrafts just taken a peek and wow, love the paintings and as for the chocolate’s, oh my yum yum :laughing:

Hi Karen, thanks for peeking, and your comments. Your reaction to the chocolates, yum yum, is becoming a regular response. :slightly_smiling_face:
You have some amazing products on show yourself.
Regards Jim.

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Hi, Im Sally and my shop is where you will find unusual and quirky jewellery. I love Silver and that is where all this began really. I have experimented with lots of other things in the last few years. I am fairly new to Folksy and am finding it a friendly place to be. Still learning really as i go along.
If you have a moment check out my shop any likes and shares are appreciated.
Sally. xx

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Hello, I’m Kate and I’m new to the folksy world. I currently enjoy painting, knitting and sewing, and I have a particular interest in surface pattern design. I’m hoping to launch an online shop in the very near future, selling bespoke, handmade baby garments and toys, in my own designs, and from upcycled clothes.
My passion started when all my friends started having babies and they didn’t know what to do with clothes that they’d outgrown, or they were particularly sentimental about. So I turned these items into quilts and teddies, as a bespoke keepsake. They have been a hit, and I love making them so much that I want to turn my hobby into a full time occupation
I’m very excited to join this forum and connect with like minded creatives.


Hello all,

I thought I’d reintroduce myself. I’m Louise, bunny obsessed owner of Trawden Soap Kitchen. I stopped selling here several years ago when life got really busy with my cottage renovation. I’m excited to be back - is there anything I need to know as a returning old timer?

Hi, I opened my shop a week ago: @Marjansart.
I am an artist and illustrator making only original paintings on Watercolour paper.
Feel free to visit and comment about my shop. I welcome critique; it helps me to improve things

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Love your art …especially the chickens and can barely fault your shop setup at all
Could I suggest you make sure you have painting in all your titles so they come up in searches. I saw one which just described without using an actual ‘art’ word.

Also your shop notice … is so long that on my phone there are no pictures showing unless I scroll right down, just text.
I only use my shop notice for announcements such as ‘i’m closed, back in a week’. That is what that feature was intended for
You have lots of other areas to talk about yourself and your art which don’t push your actual work down the page. . Buying from me, about me etc. Really would recommend you move the text so what the customer sees first are your lovely pictures. Xxx

Love your suggestions and comments and am busy changing things!
Kind regards Marjan

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Best of luck with your lovely shop. Xx