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Would love to be able to list as: Jewellery - Cuffs - Beadwork please

Hi there @folksycontent :wave:

I couldn’t see a ‘suggestions’ area so hope it’s OK to post here.

I have some bead loomed cuffs to list soon but there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated category for them.

Under ‘Jewellery’ there is indeed a ‘cuffs’ subcategory - so far so good! The next subcategory has ‘acrylic’, ‘all’, ‘leather’, ‘metalwork’, ‘resin’ and ‘textile’ but unfortunately no option for ‘bead loomed’ or ‘beadwork’. :disappointed:

I would have to list them under ‘all’ :sob:

It would be great to be able to list my bead loomed cuffs under a dedicated subsection please! :pray: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Thanks for reading :hugs:


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I’ve done that for you, Katrina.
Here’s the new subcategory, ready and waiting for you to fill it up :slight_smile:

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Hi Camilla @folksycontent :smile: Wow, that is fantastic! Thank you very much for your help :hugs: :hugs:

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