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Are you on Instagram?

(Reclaimed Time) #62

Yeah I love Instagram too great for inspiration and also to show your creative process

(Sue Beacham) #63

:blush: photo of me


(Sue Beacham) #64

(Viktoria Rodek) #65

hey, I am new on this forum, but I like your topics, especially this one, because for me instagram is the best place to put myself out to the world :blush:
So I am going to check your links, and that’s me:

(Shine On) #66

Oooh, just found this. I’ve followed some of you, and will follow the rest as soon as it lets me.

I’m new to Instagram, and don’t really get it, but it seems fun :smile: . I’m at

(Sara Smith) #67

I read your post last night and have taken the plunge and signed up to Instagram. Looking forward to working out how best to use it. Have followed you!! :smile:

(Reverie Candles) #68

I love instagram, I’ve only just set up one for my shop but so far its been a great way of getting my products out there and seen by people, an its a great place to find inspiration too.

(Ruta Lauzikaite) #69

Yes, I am using instagram every day. Trying to post regularly and as well find inspiration.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #70

The reason I won’t use it is due to their illegal claus about using our photo’s.

I remember when pinterest had the same claus but where forced to remove it, only then did I join pinterst.

So until instagram do the same I will never use it.

(Roz) #71

I have used instagram a couple of times but find it very frustrating that you can’t post from your laptop. The camera on my phone is broken and I find the iPad camera awkward to use. I tend to use my compact camera but then photos are downloaded to my laptop and it is too time consuming to transfer them to a mobile device in order to post on instagram so for the time being I expect they will be few and far between!

(ElizabethGaultJewellery) #72

Just been through and added everyone I could find to try ans see what you all do and how it works for promoting.

Anybody that wants a separate business and personal account you can install an app that lets you run two accounts side by side. I use Instwogram for mine. x

(Peonyandthistle) #73

I am here -

I love looking at how everyone else uses instagram but I haven’t really understood how to use it yet…

(Amberlilly) #74

I follow back. @amberlillyhandmade unless they are weird or are the type that unfollow you and loads do that, you just have to look at their profile. Just like Facebook! So irritating!

(Melanie Commins) #75

I am an instagram n00b! :smile: But I definitely have the potential to become a total addict. So much pretty stuff to look at!

(Pauline Hayward) #76

I’ve just registered with Instagram on my PC using the pokki app but never got any chance to create an account. So all I get now is you don’t have an account on Instagram or words to that effect. It may result in me cancelling the app and start again.

(Caroline Jones) #77

Hello there - I joined instagram recently and have been loving using it! #carolinejonesjewellery - individually designed handcrafted silver jewellery! Hope to see you on there! x

(Amy Paterson) #78

I’m going to check that out! I’m forever signing in and out of my personal and business accounts, can get annoying.

(Amy Paterson) #79

This is great, going to go through and check everyone’s Instagram out :slight_smile:

You can find mine at

I love Instagram, so much better than Facebook!


(Emma Gray) #80


I’m on instagram here…

It’s a bit of a mix and match of my artwork and ‘other things’, but I love instagram and look forward to discovering new folksy folk. Thank you for this post. x

ps I have my other shop as my link there, as I haven’t worked out how to put up more than one link!

(Detola and Geek) #81

Hi all

Am on instagram - just joined this year