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Share your Folksy High Fives 2021

CONGRATULATIONS. It’s a really terrific feeling.

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Whoop Whoop waiting for the number to change on my page but I have just sold my 200th item.
It has been slow these last few months but it is still a good feeling to meet a magical number.


Yay! Well done! :kissing_heart: :+1: :hugs: :grinning:

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Thank you :star_struck::blush::+1:

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Just had yo hop on and share that I got my first 2 sales in my shop today since re-opening it back in early October. I’m so happy!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Thank you Katie :heart_eyes_cat::hugs::heart_eyes_cat:

Its a great feeling well done :heart:

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Yeah, I reached 4,500 sales this week and I’m in the Belle and Boo business guide :slightly_smiling_face:
(I was granted a license to use their fabric designs in my work)


Well done Martine. Very well deserved xx

Thanks Helen x

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