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(mishmashmosh) #122

Hi Jackie, it’s a bit of a longish story, feel free to stick the kettle on! :smiley:

You can read a bit about it in my ‘about’ section, but the current name has evolved from my previous business name which was cheerymishmash. As a lone parent when my son was younger, I needed work that I could do that fitted around him and his needs and self employment was the most practical option. “Cheery Mishmash!” was what we used to sign our Christmas cards as instead of Merry Christmas and, back then, most of what I was making had a more child focused market and I just thought the name kind of worked and fitted with the style of my makes. ‘cheery’ because a lot of it was quite brightly coloured and fun, and the ‘mishmash’ because I’m really crap at sticking at just one thing and so I always end up selling a mishmash of different stuff:)

Due to fairly major physical and mental health problems, I ended up having to take quite a long break for a while. Much longer than I initially anticipated. I only really started back again properly in Sept/Oct this year and it is effectively a case of needing to build things up from the ground again with it all.

While I was quite attached to my old business name, the direction of my work, and where I want to take things now, has changed a bit and I also felt that I needed to draw a bit of a line under ‘old stuff’, so I’ve retained the mishmash bit (because the chances of me EVER sticking to one thing fall well into the ‘not bloody likely’ category!) and added a mosh on the end, just because because really (and maybe a little bit extra because I’ll always be a bit of an indie/punk at heart ;))

(Jackie Barton) #123

Love it! Thank you for your frankness and honesty. I can understand the physical and mental health issues first hand too. I have depression issues, am a single mum and have been for the whole of my daughter’s 26 years. She has Asperger’s (on the Autistic spectrum) and besides having countless college accreditations she also has 2 uni degrees, but she can’t find the right job. I ‘employ’ her (payment in chocolate & netflix only!) to help with the advertising of my items (her two degrees are in creative and professional writing so I may as well use her talents!) I think your name is spot-on for you and your creations. It’s fun, and most of all, unforgettable. Mine came from my love of bumble bees (well, there’s a surprise!) I had a wild nest in my garden a couple of years ago and I did everything to protect them (my daughter wanted to empty the fly spray into the hole!). Way back in the mists of time when I was at school I did a lino-cutting of a bee with boots on. I’ve tried to recreate it for my logo so many times but can’t get it right. Never mind, I’ll get it one day. Thanks for the explanation, maybe I should start another thread asking for people to relate how their shop names emerged. lol!

(Fiona Thomson) #124

i wondered if it was you, “from the old days” on folksy! you were one of the established folk when i first started :slight_smile: welcome back!

(Fiona Thomson) #125

i like instagram the best - lots of pretties and not too much words :slight_smile:

(WildflowerAromatics) #126

Admittedly that is one of the challenges I face. People like to sniff before they buy :slight_smile:

(leavalleyart) #127

I’m also on Instagram and here’s the link to my account. I list some of my artwork but also stuff that I find interesting. I like wasting time scrolling through the photos remembering where I’ve been so it’s rather like a scrapbook for me. Feel free to rummage around in there. :slight_smile:

(Chris Stone) #128

I have just set myself up on Instagram
You won’t find much there at the moment!
I have started following as many as I can, but I will be drawing my pension by the time I work out how to post on there. I take my photos with a camera and they are stored on my computer. The workarounds for using a PC haven’t worked for me, so I will have to email photos to my phone. To be honest, I’d rather spend the time painting but I will give it a go. It may take me a while.

(CatherineDove) #129

One thing I have done is downloaded my piccies direct from my listing to stick them on my phone or iPad to share. My phone is on Android so it’s either that or send them via Messenger to my bewildered husband so I can also download it on the other device! It’s also useful as i’m out of storage space on the iPad.

(Kim Onyskiw) #130

That’s what I do. When I just need a quick photo I’ll take it on my phone, but my camera is much better, so sometimes I’ll take my camera photos and email them to myself so I can save them to my phone and put them on instagram. It is a bit more time consuming but you get the hang of it after a while.

(Morag Lloyds) #131

Hi I’m on Instagram moraglloyds-art follow me and I’ll follow back:-)

(Ruth ) #132

Morning all, I think I’ve followed nearly all of you (some couldn’t be found) but if I’ve missed you out, if you find me I’ll follow you back :blush:

(Jackie Barton) #133

Found you Fiona :smile: Who knew there were zombie hedgehogs - I knew I heard weird rustlings in the bushes at night :fearful:

(Jackie Barton) #134

Just a thought, and you’ve probably had this thought before, but what about little bags of multiple tiny examples. Perfect for Secret Santas or stocking fillers, or just someone who’s not sure what they want. I’d definitely buy one. (So if you do make them up let me know - I’ll be there like a flash!)

(Jackie Barton) #135

Hi Heather, found your beautiful art. Welcome to the discussions. Your pictures of Australia are stunning - especially the koala!

(Jackie Barton) #136

Morag, you found us, and I have found you. It’s great to meet you and peruse your superb designs :smiley:

(leavalleyart) #137

Hi Jackie

Thank you so much. Yes, I was very taken with the koalas.


(WildflowerAromatics) #138

I had a customer over on the darkside request something like that in bath salts, so I created this which has 4 different bath salt variations in one bag

I know I should do sample size versions of soaps too but it all comes down to more expense. Like sample size molds and new packaging etc, which I just can’t afford at the mo, until sales start coming in of what I already have in stock. Its a catch 22, I have so many ideas of other things that I’d like to do, but finances restrict me.

I’ve been working this morning on creating gift sets with the packaging I currently have in, just trying to find a way to make things more giftable. So I’ve not given up hope :slight_smile:

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #139

I can’t remember if I’ve posted my link here…

I’m off to the studio in a moment, so don’t have time to go through the list to follow people right now. But if you follow me- leave me a comment or a message to let me know you’re a Folksy folk and I’ll follow you back :black_heart:

(leavalleyart) #140

Hi Jackie

Thanks for pointing out that my Instagram link wasn’t working. Here is the correct link:

(Morag Lloyds) #141

many thanks…great to connect xx